2011 World Series of Poker Europe

Event #3: €5,300 Pot-Limit Omaha
Dias: 2
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2011 World Series of Poker Europe

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10,000 / 20,000

Di Lauro Double Through Abecassis

We caught the action on a {2-Spades}{7-Diamonds}{8-Diamonds} with quite some money already in the pot. Abecassis checked to Di Lauro who bet 23,000. After tanking for a bit Abecassis decided to make the call leaving Di Lauro with only 13,600 chips behind.

The turn was the {4-Clubs} and after Abecassis checked for the second time it was on to Di Lauro who pushed all-in. Abecassis shrugged and called but was not happy.

Michel Abecassis{K-}{J-}{8-}{6-}
Michele Di Lauro{A-Spades}{A-Hearts}{9-Hearts}{6-Hearts}

The river was the {4-Spades} and Abecassis's hand got mucked very quickly leaving us no time to write down his suits. The only thing we know is that they were all black. Di Lauro doubled up to 104,000 while Abecassis still holds his ground with 138,000.

Jogador Fichas Progresso
Michel Abecassis fr
Michel Abecassis
138,000 -42,000
Michele Di Lauro it
Michele Di Lauro
104,000 51,000

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Francis Dubois Is Busto!

David Benyamine
David Benyamine

On a board of {4-Diamonds} {2-Clubs} {9-Spades} {7-Clubs} David Benyamine is involved in a pot with Francis Dubois and he bets 11,000 and Dubois makes the call. The call leaves Dubois with 12,000 behind. The river is the {2-Spades} and Benyamine moves 20,000 into the middle and Dubois flashes {A-Clubs} {K-Clubs} before mucking his hand.

Then Erich Kollmann raised under the gun, Benyamine called in the small blind and Dubois moved all-in from the big blind for 12,00. Both Kollmann and Benyamine made the call and Dubois had the chance to triple up. Both players checked the {10-Clubs} {9-Hearts} {8-Spades} flop and then Benyamine bet the {7-Spades} turn and Kollmann folded his hand.

Benyamine{K-Clubs} {J-Spades} {9-Diamonds} {7-Spades}
Dubois{10-Diamonds} {9-Spades} {8-Clubs} {3-Diamonds}

Dubois needed one of his three-pairs to pair the board and the {3-Spades} was not one of them and he was eliminated.

Jogador Fichas Progresso
David Benyamine fr
David Benyamine
160,000 36,000
WSOP 1X Winner
WPT 1X Winner
Francis Dubois
Francis Dubois

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Kollmann and Blain Chop a Big One

Both players chip counts have changed since we last counted them but Kollmann and Blain just chopped a pot in which they both profited slightly.

Sam Stein raised pre flop to 4,500 getting calls from Blain, Kollmann and one other player. The flop was {K-Clubs}{J-Diamonds}{10-Diamonds} and Kollmann bet pot from the small blind. Stein folded, Blain shoved all-in for 60,000 total and Kollmann called.

Erich Kollmann{A-Hearts}{A-Clubs}{Q-Diamonds}{J-Spades}
Dermot Blain{A-Spades}{Q-Spades}{10-Clubs}{3-Clubs}

The turn was the {4-Hearts} and the river the {3-Clubs} chopping up this big pot.

Jogador Fichas Progresso
Erich Kollmann
Erich Kollmann
116,000 -28,000
Dermot Blain ie
Dermot Blain
68,500 13,500

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Shorr Takes Two Hits

Jason Mercier raised to 4,000 from the button, Shannon Shorr called from the small blind. The flop brought out {2-Clubs}{6-Hearts}{Q-Diamonds} and both players checked. The turn was the {3-Hearts}, Shorr bet 8,000, Mercier called.

The river was the {9-Clubs} and Shorr checked to Mercier who bet 14,000. Shorr folded right away. A few hands later Shorr raised to 4,600 pre flop getting one call from Alfredo Vega who was in the blinds. The flop was {A-Clubs}{K-Clubs}{8-Spades} and Vega check-called a 6,700 bet.

The turn was the {7-Clubs} and Vega decided to lead out for 19,000. Shorr folded his cards knocking him down to 116,000 while Mercier and Vega win some.

Jogador Fichas Progresso
Shannon Shorr us
Shannon Shorr
116,000 -29,000
Alfredo Vega de
Alfredo Vega
97,000 19,000
Jason Mercier us
Jason Mercier
96,000 11,000
WSOP 6X Winner
EPT 1X Winner

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Sam Trickett Eliminates Mike Guttman

Michael Guttman Eliminated
Michael Guttman Eliminated

Shannon Shorr had raised under the gun making it 5,000 to play. Sam Trickett made the call in mid-position before Mike Guttman three-bet out of the small blind making it 20,000 to play. Both Shorr and Trickett called and we had a three-way pot with a lot of juice.

Flop: {A-Diamonds} {6-Spades} {4-Diamonds}

Guttman moved all-in immediately, Shorr folded but Trickett made the call.

Trickett{A-Clubs} {J-Clubs} {9-Spades} {7-Spades}
Guttman{8-Spades} {7-Clubs} {6-Diamonds} {5-Hearts}

Guttman was a slight favourite going to the turn and it was the {Q-Diamonds}. The final card was the {J-Hearts} and Trickett took the spoils.

Jogador Fichas Progresso
Sam Trickett gb
Sam Trickett
150,000 30,000
Mike Guttman
Mike Guttman

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Nível: 13

Blinds: 1,000/2,000

Ante: 0

Jelassi Keeps Crushing, Billirakis Knocked Down Again

Jelassi Ramzi
Jelassi Ramzi

Steve Billirakis must be having the biggest swings on day two of this tournament. MrSmokey1, as he's know to the online poker community, just lost a huge pot against the unstoppable Ramzi Jelassi.

We caught the action on the turn when there was {Q-Clubs}{3-Hearts}{5-Diamonds}{A-Hearts} on the table. Jelassi checked from the under the gun position giving the action to Billirakis who bet 12,500 from the button. The Swedish regular on the tournament circuit made the call.

The river was the {3-Spades} and the dealer confirmed the pot size was 58,600. Jelassi announced a 37,000 bet and once again the pressure was on Billirakis after being in many tough spots earlier today. After a while he folded and mucked when Jelassi showed him {A-Clubs}{3-Clubs}{5-Spades}{6-Spades} for a full house.

Billirakis is down to 86,000 while Jelassi is the runaway chip leader with 335,600 chips!

Jogador Fichas Progresso
Ramzi Jelassi se
Ramzi Jelassi
335,600 70,600
EPT 1X Winner
Steve Billirakis us
Steve Billirakis
86,000 -65,000
WSOP 2X Winner

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