Event #50: $2,100 No Limit Hold'em Bounty Championship

Event Info

Buy-in $2,100
Premiação $2,336,000
Players 1,168

Informações do Nível

Nível 35
Blinds 200,000 / 400,000
Ante 50,000

Informações do Jogador - Dia 1

Jogadores Restantes 1
Entries 1,168

Martin Takes Pot First Hand

• Nível 1: 100-200, 25 ante

On the first hand of the day, Julien "GiuseppeL" Perouse raised the middle to 480, and Kevin Martin bumped it up to 2,440 from the small blind. Perouse called and the flop came {4-Hearts}{9-Diamonds}{4-Spades}.

Both players checked to the {7-Spades} turn where Mertin check-called a bet of 3,504. Both players checked the {q-Hearts} river.

Julien "GiuseppeL" Perouse: {a-Diamonds}{5-Diamonds}
Kevin Martin: {a-Clubs}{7-Clubs}

Martin had the best of it from the start, but the turned seven helped him get there for a big pot to start the day.

Kevin Martin ca
Kevin Martin
ca 31,319 6,319
Julien "GiuseppeL" Perouse
Julien "GiuseppeL" Perouse

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Cards Are in the Air for the Bounty Championship

• Nível 1: 100-200, 25 ante
WSOP GGpoker
WSOP GGpoker

The action is on in Event #50: $2,100 No Limit Hold'em Bounty Championship. As the day begins, the field is now nearing 400 players.


Some Starting Stacks

Felipe Ramos br
Felipe Ramos
br 25,000
Niklas "NikkyMouse" Ehrenholz DE
Niklas "NikkyMouse" Ehrenholz
DE 25,000
Diego "El Motron" Ostrovich AR
Diego "El Motron" Ostrovich
AR 25,000
Joel "Pertti_58" Holmberg fi
Joel "Pertti_58" Holmberg
fi 25,000
Peter "BIG CHI" Chien ca
Peter "BIG CHI" Chien
ca 25,000
JinHo Hong kr
JinHo Hong
kr 25,000
Kevin Martin ca
Kevin Martin
ca 25,000
Andrii "BabyShark19" Kozlenko ua
Andrii "BabyShark19" Kozlenko
ua 25,000
Michiel "Easterdamnz" Van Elsacker
Michiel "Easterdamnz" Van Elsacker
Daniel Negreanu ca
Daniel Negreanu
ca 25,000
Daniel "Dan.Almeida" De Almeida br
Daniel "Dan.Almeida" De Almeida
br 25,000
Thai Ha vn
Thai Ha
vn 25,000
Danny Tang hk
Danny Tang
hk 25,000
Mikhail Semin ru
Mikhail Semin
ru 25,000
Sergey Rybachenko ru
Sergey Rybachenko
ru 25,000
Pete Chen tw
Pete Chen
tw 25,000
Patrick "Egption" Tardif
Patrick "Egption" Tardif

No Limit Hold'em Bounty Championship is Set to Go

WSOP GGpoker
WSOP GGpoker

The GGPoker World Series of Poker (WSOP) Online is well underway, and there's another bracelet to give away today. On deck for Tuesday is Event #50: $2,100 No Limit Hold'em Bounty Championship.

The progressive bounty format is just like a typical multi-table tournament, except there are extra prizes to be won with every knockout. Player bounties start at $500, and for every other player they knock out, 50% of the busted player's bounty is given out immediately in cash, while the other 50% is added to the surviving player's bounty. That tends to open the action up significantly, as when a bounty is in play, the odds required to call can drop so much, there are spots where it's profitable to call off with any two to take a bounty.

With just over an hour to go till the first hand is dealt, there are just under 150 entries recorded for today's Championship, including some very big names. Among the runners already in the field are GGPoker ambassadors Felipe Ramos, Michiel "Easterdamnz" Van Elsacker, and Daniel Negreanu, as well as Pete Chen, Sergey Rybachenko, Mikhail Semin, Danny Tang, Thai Ha, Daniel "Dan.Almeida" De Almeida, Niklas "NikkyMouse" Ehrenholz, Andrii "BabyShark19" Kozlenko, Kevin Martin, JinHo Hong, Peter "BIG CHI" Chien, Ramon "PapaChips" Kropmanns, Joel "Pertti_58" Holmberg, Diego "El Motron" Ostrovich and Patrick "Egption" Tardif among many others.

Action on the Bounty Championship gets underway at 2 p.m. Eastern time, and they'll play down to a winner in this one-day event. PokerNews will be following the action to bring you chip counts and big hands through the day, so stay tuned here to find out who is going to win the next GGPoker WSOP Online bracelet.

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Event #50: $2,100 No Limit Hold'em Bounty Championship
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