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PokerNews Week in Review: Woman Crushing Poker in 2020

Sarah Herring and Chad Holloway bring together a fantastic crew of poker women to discuss why 2020 has been so great for the ladies of poker. WSOP bracelet winner Melika Razavi kicks off the guest segments by discussing her unique perspective coming from Iran and accomplishing what many thought impossible. She is followed by Katie Stone, a dominant voice for woman in strategy games and huge proponent of online poker. Melanie Weisner joins the show to talk about a new movement she is involved in called Poker PowHer! And Finally, another member of Poker PowHer, and Author of 'A Girl's Guide to Poker,' Amanda Botfeld jumps in to discuss her recent book.

The show is jam packed and full of gems, but if you want to skip ahead check out the detailed timestamps.

05:00 | Thanks to GGPoker
06:30 | GGPoker Super Millions
08:20 | Melika Razavi Joins Show
10:30 I Coming from Iran as a woman
15:30 | Razavi’s Poker Knowledge
18:00 I EPT Monte Carlo Deep Run
20:00 | Winning WSOP Bracelet
22:30 | Need for WSOP Online
26:00 | Is Poker Her Main Hustle?
30:00 | Katie Stone Joins the Show
31:15 | Why Online Poker is so Essential
39:30 | You don’t have to wear a Bikini
40:45 | Borgata
47:00 | Future of online poker in USA
53:20 | Postle Update Coming
53:45 I Galfond v Kornuth
55:00 | Run it Once
58:00 I Poker PowHer
01:03:00 | Wait but Why
01:04:30 | How PowHer works in a COVID world
01:07:00 | Why Online Poker is Key
01:11:00 | Is this how we get more woman in poker?
01:14:30 | Melanie Rides a Unicycle?
01:19:00 | A Girls Guide to Poker
01:20:00 | Amanda Botfeld Joins the Show
01:25:00 | How the Book is Structured and What Makes it Unique
01:29:50 | Poker in the Pandemic
01:32:40 | How to Win a Copy of A Girls Guide to Poker
01:36:00 | Charlie Godwin Wins More than $600K from $109 Satellite
1:41:28 | Oddschecker

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