Phil Hellmuth Teams with Adam Murphy to Bring Online Poker Back

Chad Holloway talks to Hall of Famer Phil Hellmuth who has joined forces with Candidate for Senate Adam Murphy. The three talk about issues surrounding poker and its legislation on both the state and national levels. Is this really a question of liberty? How has the USA been left behind in what is clearly a financial win for the government. The gentleman discuss all the elements and how you can get involved.

01:30 | State of Poker In Wisconsin
02:15 |Who is Adam Murphy?
05:10 | Phil Hellmuth explains why we NEED online poker in USA
08:50 I Why are there only Tribal Casinos now?
11:30 I Why isn’t Wisconsin more proactive in fight for poker
16:00 | A Game of Skill
18:00 | Bring Online Poker Back!
21:10 | Why Does Online Poker Matter?
22:45 | #PokerLiberty
23:15 | Win a heads-up Match against Phil

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