Event #5: €10,400 No-Limit Hold'em (Split Format)

Day 2 and Some Elbow Room

We've moved across the street to the casino today, and we're getting set up for Day 2 of this Split-Format, or "Mixed-Max" event. Today is the 6-max portion of the mix, and there'll be a little more elbow room at the tables for this moving day. At some point tomorrow morning, we'll have reduced this 72-player field to sixteen. That final group will all be in the money, and they'll be randomly drawn into a heads-up bracket to play it out for the bracelet. While making the money is nice, amassing chips will be a very important secondary goal; the chips you end with today are the chips you take into your first heads-up match.

Here's how the field lays out to begin this second day:

691Dan Shak44,200
692Todd Terry53,100
693Remy Biechel50,900
694Jonathan Aguiar41,800
695Vladimir Shchemelev54,300
696Brian Hastings85,300
701Farzad Bonyadi36,900
702Dan Fleyshman79,100
703Peter Jetten101,800
704Alexander Roumeliotis41,000
705Anatolii Ozhenilok57,000
706Will Failla36,900
711James Akenhead39,600
712Roland Israelashvili16,000
713Massimiliano Martinez111,500
714Michel Dattani14,600
715Michael Mizrachi140,300
716Cliff Josephy80,800
721Olivier Busquet30,400
722Shannon Shorr42,900
723Alexander Kostritsyn59,200
724Amir Lehavot69,400
725Salman Behbehani26,000
726Mikiya Takitani24,600
731Randy Dorfman49,400
732Juhan Lauttamus77,300
733Jonathan Duhamel25,900
734Davidi Kitai18,300
735Phil Hellmuth29,500
736Jason Mercier79,700
741Dennis Bejedal153,700
742Michael McDonald59,800
743Vanessa Rousso32,700
744Athanasios Polychronopoulos15,000
745Isaac Haxton62,400
746Joel Nordkvist99,100
751Viktor Blom17,400
752Matthew Waxman79,600
753Tony Guoga45,600
754Matt Giannetti38,500
755Joey Lawrence18,900
756Darren Elias53,300
761Joseph Elpayaa41,300
762Pierre Canali33,500
763Shawn Buchanan51,700
764Daniel Negreanu15,500
765Ben Lamb8,100
766Carlos Mortensen49,500
771Tom Dwan127,400
772Steve Billirakis18,300
773Bergstrom Gustav49,700
774Freddy Deeb121,000
775Erik Seidel74,900
776Brian Powell75,100
781David Benyamine34,600
782Nicolas Levi35,500
783Sam Stein28,500
784Govert Metaal28,800
785Roger Hairabedian37,000
786Bryn Kenney10,000
791Jonathan Karamalikis47,800
792David Peters36,300
793Andrew Robl63,500
794Robert Tepper69,300
795Kent Lundmark107,600
796Bruno Fitoussi82,500
801Justin Bonomo13,100
802Imad Derwiche17,200
803Jeff Lisandro37,000
804Noah Schwartz26,300
805Konstantin Uspenskiy51,300
806Dmitry Motorov74,000

Those 72 are just now trickling in through the doors, and we'll be under way in just about 10 minutes time. Don't wander off. Six-handed shenanigans start soon!

Event #5: €10,400 No-Limit Hold'em (Split Format)
Dia 2 Começado