GGPoker Super MILLION$ Week
Event #1: €2,680 Six-Handed No-Limit Hold'em

240K Chop!

• Nível 14: 1,000-2,000, 300 ante

Marvin Rettenmaier is seated in the small blind with a bet of 32,800 in front of him. His opponent in the hand is Casey Kastle who is in the big blind with 14,500 in front of him. The action is on Kastle and he is in the tank. After a few minutes thought Kastle moves all-in for 115,000 and Rettenmaier calls and has Kastle covered.

Kastle{K-Spades} {K-Clubs}
Rettenmaier{A-Clubs} {K-Hearts}

Flop: {A-Hearts} {Q-Diamonds} {5-Diamonds}

Rettenmaier took the lead and was about to fly into the top 3 chip spots.

Turn: {10-Hearts}

River: {J-Hearts}

The whole table went silent and eventually it was broken by the Dealer.

"It's a chop right?"

Kastle had vanished.

"I don't know how I feel about that?" Said Rettenmaier.

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