Event #1: €2,680 Six-Handed No-Limit Hold'em

Collins Amongst The First To Bust

Since play started about 50 minutes ago we've lost 9 players and among those we see November Nine final tablist Phil Collins. We didn't witness his bust out but Stephen Chidwick, who sat next to him, told us what happened.

Collins saw a four way flop, {J-}{8-}{4-}, and decided to check raise the 300 bet making it 800. His opponent opted to call and a {10-} appeared on the turn. Collins bet 1.000 and after he got raised to 3.000 he decided to stick in the rest of his chips. Unfortunately his opponent had flopped a set of eights and wasn't going nowhere. The {A-}{J-} Collins was holding couldn't improve on the river and we say goodbye to one of the finalists that will be playing for the big bucks in November.

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Phil Collins us Eliminado

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