2017 World Series of Poker

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Event #35: $1,000 Super Seniors No-Limit Hold'em
Event #35: $1,000 Super Seniors No-Limit Hold'em
Dia 1 Terminado

Johnny Landreth Leads Super Seniors Event

will_shill • Nível 10: 500-1,000, 100 ante
Johnny Landreth - Day 1 Chip Leader
Johnny Landreth - Day 1 Chip Leader

The first day of the Super Seniors tournament is in the books. This tournament, where only players older than 64 can participate, drew a record 1,720 entries. That was an increase of more than 200 runners from the previous two years. The tournament created a prize pool of $1,548,000.

Johnny Landreth ended the day with the most chips. He built his 5,000-chip starting stack into a whopping 227,200 — almost 80,000 more than his nearest rival — by the end of the day. Landreth is no stranger to the WSOP, with 16 cashes to his name and just under $300,000 in career earnings. He’s also won a World Poker Open title as well as three WSOP Circuit rings.

Some other players with big stacks are Alan Wheeler (144,200), Jean Luc Adam (135,100), Paul Foster (117,400), and Steve Hohn (155,200). There are also some other familiar names back for Day 2, including James Woods (73,600), Ken Aldridge (54,500), TJ Cloutier (52,700), and Tom McCormick (40,000).

The clock showed 258 players left at the end of the day. John Cernuto, Billy Baxter, David Sklansky, Lyle Berman and Perry Green are just some of the many who did not survive the first day.

The story of the day was both reigning champions from the first two years of this event still being in contention. Jon Andlovec (42,600) and James Moore (20,500) both successfully maneuvered their way through the Day 1 field to bag chips and give themselves a shot at becoming a two-time champion in this event.

The remaining players will start again tomorrow morning at 11 a.m. PDT, all guaranteed a payday of at least $1,502.

Day 2 Seat Draw

RoomTableSeatPlayerCountryChip Count
Brasilia7011John JensenUnited States16,100
Brailisa7012Donald FujitaCanada10,800
Brailisa7013Jon GordonUnited States19,800
Brasilia7014David SmithUnited States54,700
Brailisa7015Esmarelda AldereteUnited States16,500
Brasilia7016Archie SniderUnited States41,100
Brasilia7017Johnny FalcoUnited States44,200
Brasilia7018Kris HawkinsUnited States13,100
Brasilia7019Allen ShafferUnited States11,400
Brasilia7021Peter CrossCanada36,200
Brasilia7022Johnny LandrethUnited States262,800
Brailisa7023Clifford RutherfordUnited States28,700
Brailisa7024Timothy LongUnited States24,600
Brailisa7025Burton HowardUnited States4,400
Brasilia7026Leonard BurrisUnited States10,300
Brailisa7027Edward RodgerUnited States42,400
Brasilia7028Perle OdanielUnited States8,001
Brasilia7029William PayneUnited States11,000
Brasilia7031Andor SchillerUnited States48,000
Brailisa7032Douglas RedmannUnited States32,600
Brailisa7033Judy RhodesUnited States28,300
Brasilia7034Gary WeemsUnited States40,400
Brasilia7035Wayne LippmanUnited States37,900
Brasilia7036Harold CostaUnited States16,400
Brasilia7037Dennis GilmanUnited States55,300
Brailisa7038Jan SteinUnited States6,700
Brasilia7039Rex MacyUnited States6,700
Brasilia7041John ColumboUnited States80,300
Brasilia7042Kathleen StackpooleUnited States48,300
Brasilia7043James WoodsUnited States73,600
Brasilia7044Peter MylenkiUnited States11,100
Brasilia7045Louis DecanioUnited States32,600
Brailisa7046Arthur CohenUnited States68,200
Brasilia7047Wolfgang ArpCanada29,200
Brailisa7048Kerry GoldbergUnited States59,100
Brasilia7049DID NOT REPORT 1United States38,100
Brasilia7051Harold LilieUnited States20,600
Brasilia7052Richard SealeUnited States40,600
Brasilia7053Janette ZawackiUnited States14,300
Brailisa7054John OgradneyUnited States17,700
Brasilia7055Eugene TeibloomUnited States31,800
Brailisa7055LaVonne JoyceUnited States72,300
Brailisa7056Thomas ElliottUnited States27,700
Brasilia7057Richard MendelsohnUnited States1,300
Brasilia7058Michael ShahadeUnited States13,400
Brasilia7059Veronica DalyUnited States61,400
Brailisa7061William KamUnited States21,800
Brasilia7062Paul KesslerUnited States29,300
Brailisa7063Wayne AndersonUnited States38,400
Brasilia7064Gary CookUnited States21,300
Brailisa7065Robert StecUnited States4,100
Brasilia7066John JunkerUnited States32,700
Brailisa7067Jean-Luc AdamFrance135,100
Brasilia7068Richard BrandeburgUnited States17,600
Brasilia7069M KostivalUnited States16,900
Brailisa7071Milton FoleyUnited States52,000
Brasilia7072William FarrellUnited States45,600
Brasilia7073Gary AllenUnited States26,800
Brasilia7074TJ CloutierUnited States52,700
Brasilia7076Federico CuellarUnited States22,500
Brasilia7077John OstwaldUnited States39,000
Brailisa7078Theresa JustinUnited States16,800
Brailisa7079Lacy WillsUnited States11,600
Brasilia7081John TierneyUnited States16,500
Brasilia7082William SindelarUnited States22,300
Brasilia7083Dale HankeUnited States41,100
Brailisa7084Jim WhiteUnited States22,200
Brasilia7085Robert CutshallUnited States5,300
Brailisa7086Uta KaiserUnited States29,400
Brasilia7089Florentino ZamoraUnited States1
Brailisa7089Skip RichardsonUnited States20,200
Brailisa7091Donald AndersonCanada5,100
Brasilia7092Ed AulickUnited States24,700
Brasilia7093Dennis CrowleyUnited States39,800
Brailisa7094Robert BeckUnited States24,000
Brasilia7095Gary DolengaUnited States4,800
Brailisa7096George LaValleyUnited States36,700
Brasilia7097Joann HallUnited States116,000
Brasilia7098Michael BlakeUnited States30,100
Brasilia7099Peter GrossUnited States13,200
Brasilia7101Jerry KleinsasserUnited States18,500
Brasilia7102Stephen ThackerUnited States54,200
Brasilia7103Tom McCormickUnited States40,000
Brasilia7104Jon AndlovecUnited States42,600
Brasilia7105Robert KellyUnited States1
Brasilia7106Keith WielandUnited States30,000
Brasilia7107Errol RosenUnited States49,800
Brasilia7108Clayton TaulUnited States116,300
Brailisa7109Curtis LiudahlUnited States12,500
Brasilia7111Jay KennedyUnited States39,000
Brasilia7112Jerry LevaUnited States34,300
Brailisa7113John UrpsisUnited States23,500
Brasilia7114Scott MayfieldUnited States50,300
Brailisa7115Albert HahnCanada77,700
Brasilia7116Gary SchwartzUnited States33,700
Brasilia7117Ronald RindoneUnited States1
Brasilia7118Charles ChamplinUnited States39,900
Brasilia7119David SmithUnited States56,400
Brailisa7121Susan SmithUnited Kingdom24,000
Brasilia7123Alden HermansenUnited States69,600
Brailisa7124Alfred GiardinaUnited States18,100
Brailisa7125Peter LockwoodUnited States8,900
Brasilia7126Richard TaylorUnited States21,900
Brailisa7127Grant GaalemaUnited States40,200
Brasilia7128William HansonUnited States51,000
Brasilia7129Thomas KnustUnited States12,400
Brasilia7131Paul AnlaufUnited States3,200
Brailisa7132Arild OrsleieUnited States35,400
Brailisa7133Jeffrey DuvallUnited Kingdom31,100
Brasilia7134Gary GibbsUnited States55,200
Brasilia7135Richard PhelpsUnited States34,600
Brasilia7136Richard BaxterUnited States49,000
Brasilia7137Larry DaigleUnited States12,400
Brailisa7138Paul BedichekUnited States26,300
Brasilia7139Jonathan HildnerUnited States61,600
Brasilia7141Rodney LegendreUnited States27,400
Brasilia7142Robert CorbeilCanada40,200
Brasilia7143Marcia GodinezUnited States31,400
Brasilia7144Gary WaidUnited States19,200
Brasilia7145Paul FosterUnited States117,400
Brasilia7146Sallie AvinoUnited States4,200
Brailisa7147James MooreUnited States20,500
Brasilia7148Robert WebbUnited States15,400
Brasilia7149Kenneth RihaUnited States50,700
Brasilia7151Michael BorgettiUnited States13,600
Brailisa7152Dennis MurdockUnited States35,600
Brasilia7153Darrell TicehurstUnited States51,900
Brasilia7154Lawrence PetersenUnited States24,100
Brasilia7155Dave HillUnited States42,000
Brasilia7156Josef MonroUnited States98,500
Brasilia7157Joel AbramsonUnited States40,500
Brasilia7158Ross FabrizioUnited States48,300
Brasilia7159Thomas MillerUnited States4,500
Brasilia7161Mark AbrahamsUnited States49,900
Brasilia7162Dan LacourseUnited States22,600
Brasilia7163George NeunzigUnited States20,300
Brasilia7164James RandashUnited States7,100
Brailisa7165Brian TownsendCanada11,100
Brailisa7166Stephen SallotUnited States36,600
Brasilia7167Charles MooreUnited States19,400
Brailisa7168Terrie BressetteUnited States8,400
Brasilia7169Skipper PearsonUnited States23,300
Brasilia7171Ty TanakaUnited States4,700
Brasilia7172Fred BergerUnited States8,800
Brailisa7173David RiceUnited States10,900
Brasilia7174Larry HironsUnited States48,000
Brasilia7175Richard MonroeUnited States18,700
Brailisa7176Terry StuhldreherUnited States30,190
Brasilia7177Michael MuellerGermany32,600
Brasilia7178Robert HeardUnited States32,500
Brasilia7179Surrinder AhluwaliaUnited States16,800
Brasilia7181Susie IsaacsUnited States28,400
Brailisa7182Jon WhittersCanada69,900
Brailisa7183John IslerUnited States47,600
Brailisa7184Ronald SwainUnited States47,300
Brasilia7185Daniel ColbyUnited States16,300
Brasilia7186Paul PoindexterUnited States32,700
Brasilia7187Lawrence GrattUnited States38,100
Brasilia7188Robert BarcaUnited States30,500
Brasilia7189Hugh BryanUnited States12,400
Brasilia7191Ernest RuybalidUnited States24,500
Brasilia7192Cleveland RutherfordUnited States24,700
Brailisa7193William StarrUnited States10,300
Brasilia7194Kanokvan SomchubUnited States26,100
Brailisa7195Richard MalacariaUnited States35,800
Brasilia7196Daniel DeclaireUnited States34,400
Brailisa7197Lois UnzelmanUnited States16,700
Brasilia7198Rollo FoxUnited States34,200
Brailisa7199Michael SommersUnited States1,800
Brasilia7201Mason SacksUnited States63,300
Brasilia7203Michael ViolaUnited States19,000
Brasilia7204Gary LucciCanada36,000
Brasilia7205Luella HogeUnited States32,500
Brasilia7206Alan WheelerUnited States144,200
Brasilia7207Ken AldridgeUnited States54,500
Brailisa7208Robert ColbyUnited States7,200
Brasilia7209Francis AckleyUnited States74,500
Brasilia7211Donald ColclazierUnited States38,500
Brasilia7212Steve HohnUnited States115,200
Brailisa7213William KornUnited States45,100
Brasilia7214DID NOT REPORT 2United States41,000
Brasilia7215Loren CloningerUnited States76,400
Brailisa7216Michael CamposUnited States12,400
Brasilia7217June JenkinsUnited States36,600
Brasilia7218James LoudonCanada4,100
Brailisa7219Robert FlowersUnited States7,800
Brailisa7221Robert VandeverUnited States12,700
Brasilia7222Larry NewmanUnited States4,700
Brasilia7223William L. PayneUnited States31,300
Brasilia7224Bruce PirieUnited States9,100
Brasilia7225James ChiaraUnited States21,400
Brasilia7226Bruce WesleyUnited States7,400
Brasilia7227Peter KnutsonUnited States16,100
Brasilia7228Peter SullivanUnited States36,000
Brasilia7229Peter LipmanUnited States6,700
Brasilia7231John MarchiandoUnited States13,200
Brasilia7232Gordon RobinsonUnited States15,500
Brailisa7233James KremerUnited States39,200
Brailisa7234Earnest HolthusenUnited States44,100
Brasilia7235Robert GoldsteinUnited States21,900
Brasilia7236Roy JonesUnited States45,200
Brasilia7237Edwin ChildressUnited States33,500
Brailisa7238Bill BostonUnited States8,600
Brasilia7239Donald MarshallUnited States38,200
Brasilia7241David RussellUnited States1,400
Brailisa7242Hassan KamoeiUnited States80,600
Brasilia7243Louis LingrenUnited States39,300
Brasilia7244Paul ThompsonUnited States6,000
Brasilia7245Neil DrakeUnited States10,600
Brasilia7246Edward ThompsonUnited States23,000
Brasilia7247David BrownworthUnited States30,500
Brasilia7248Jose RosenkrantzCosta Rica27,100
Brasilia7249Nancy HershaUnited States1
Brailisa7251Robert BermudezUnited States11,300
Brasilia7252Lewis ThomashowUnited States2,200
Brailisa7253Walter BellUnited States61,900
Brasilia7254Alfred ShanfeldUnited States62,500
Brasilia7255Stanley SiegelUnited States30,400
Brailisa7256Daniel HaefsUnited States18,800
Brasilia7257Allan CelestinUnited States36,400
Brailisa7258Daniel HeitCanada61,200
Brailisa7259Dennis ScholfieldUnited States4,800
Brasilia7261DID NOT REPORT 3United States1
Brasilia7262Frank CullenUnited States1
Brasilia7263Robert MeyersUnited States13,100
Brasilia7264Daniel FavreauUnited States43,600
Brasilia7265Chris BjorinSweden30,600
Brasilia7266Harvey BundyUnited States12,600
Brasilia7267Wilbur LewisUnited States12,800
Brasilia7268Armand KingCanada52,000
Brailisa7269Khin MaungUnited States97,300
Brasilia7271James CronkUnited States6,100
Brasilia7272Peter OsborneUnited States20,700
Brailisa7273Fredrick MorrisUnited States12,900
Brasilia7274Earl HirakawaUnited States144,900
Brailisa7275Michael MastrangeloUnited States36,900
Brasilia7276Maurice SovaUnited States8,600
Brasilia7277Miles HarrisUnited States29,500
Brasilia7278Bob BuckenmayerUnited States59,100
Brailisa7279Joseph VillhauerUnited States90,000
Brasilia7281Tom FranklinUnited States53,700
Brasilia7282Stephen LeventhalUnited States2,100
Brailisa7283Herbert VandykeUnited States20,200
Brailisa7284Donald ZimmerUnited States36,900
Brasilia7285Edie NormanUnited States25,900
Brasilia7286Carl CoxUnited States14,900
Brasilia7287James RankinUnited States49,600
Brasilia7288Randall HemplingUnited States27,300
Brailisa7289James BiersUnited States15,000
Brasilia7291Tom HannaUnited States14,500
Brasilia7292Dearborn DouglasCanada57,500
Brailisa7293Harry WongUnited States34,500
Brasilia7294Edward KleinUnited States25,900
Brailisa7295Joseph ZaikCanada18,500
Brasilia7296Patrick RonanUnited States19,400
Brasilia7297Kim RasmussenUnited States27,900
Brasilia7298Kenneth JacobyUnited States24,200
Brasilia7299Paul SilversteinUnited States28,900

End-of-Day Chip Counts (Completo)

AnTh0nyWTF • Nível 10: 500-1,000, 100 ante
Johnny Landreth us 262,800 136,800
Earl Hirakawa US 144,900 144,900
Alan Wheeler US 144,200 8,200
Jean-Luc Adam fr 135,100 34,100
Paul Foster US 117,400 112,400
Clayton Taul US 116,300 116,300
Joann Hall US 116,000 116,000
Steve Hohn us 115,200 20,200
Josef Monro US 98,500 98,500
Khin Maung US 97,300 97,300
Joseph Villhauer us 90,000 90,000
Hassan Kamoei US 80,600 80,600
John Columbo us 80,300 80,300
Albert Hahn CA 77,700 77,700
Loren Cloninger us 76,400 76,400
Francis Ackley US 74,500 74,500
James Woods us 73,600
LaVonne Joyce US 72,300 72,300
Jon Whitters ca 69,900 69,900
Alden Hermansen us 69,600 69,600
Arthur Cohen US 68,200 68,200
Mason Sacks us 63,300 63,300
Alfred Shanfeld us 62,500 62,500
Walter Bell us 61,900 61,900
Jonathan Hildner US 61,600 61,600

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Kim Rasmussen Puts the Super Seniors in the Money

AnTh0nyWTF • Nível 10: 500-1,000, 100 ante

With the player in the small blind only paying 400 of the 500-chip fee, three players limped and checked down a board of {9-Diamonds}{3-Clubs}{7-Clubs}{9-Hearts}{2-Diamonds}.

Kim Rassmussen tabled first, showing {7-Hearts}{6-Clubs} for a pair of sevens. The other two players mucked, leaving the player in the small blind to reveal his hand. His hand was being played blind, and he required a pair of sevens or better in order to stay alive.

He turned over {4-Clubs}{5-Hearts} and was eliminated one spot short of making the money.

Kim Rasmussen US 27,000 27,000

Tags: Kim Rasmussen

Jeff Pell Survives the Bubble

• Nível 10: 500-1,000, 100 ante

With the flop showing {6-Diamonds}{8-Spades}{3-Hearts}, the big blind slid out a bet of 10,000. Jeff Pell was on the button and moved all in for 25,900. The big blind snap-called.

Pell: {6-Clubs}{2-Spades}
Opponent: {a-Spades}{a-Clubs}

Pell was in big trouble against his opponents overpair — that is, until the {6-Spades} spiked the turn, sending him into the lead.

The {5-Diamonds} river completed the board, and Pell doubled with trip sixes to stay in contention.

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The Bubble Will Burst Tonight

• Nível 10: 500-1,000, 100 ante

The clock has been stopped with 10 minutes remaining in the final level of play.

The remaining players have been informed that they will play hand-for-hand until they lose one more player before bagging up for the night.

Hand-for-Hand Commences; Money Bubble

• Nível 10: 500-1,000, 100 ante

The remaining 259 players have been informed that they will be playing hand-for-hand for the final 15-minutes of the night, with one more elimination needed to burst the money bubble.

Lilie Triples Up

• Nível 10: 500-1,000, 100 ante
Harold Lilie
Harold Lilie

The player in the hijack raised to 2,500 and was called by the players on the button and in the small blind. Harold Lilie then moved all in for 6,900 from the big blind. The original raiser folded. The button and small blind both called.

Both live players then checked down the {k-Spades}{10-Diamonds}{10-Hearts}{5-Clubs}{9-Spades} board before tabling {a-Diamonds}{q-Diamonds} and {a-Hearts}{j-Hearts}, respectively. Lilie rejoiced as he opened up his {8-Diamonds}{8-Spades} for two pair and the winning hand.

Harold Lilie us 24,200 3,200

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McCormick Chipping Up

• Nível 10: 500-1,000, 100 ante

Tom McCormick opened with a raise from under the gun. The player in middle position then moved all in for around 15,000 before the decision fell back on McCormick. He called.

McCormick: {q-Clubs}{q-Spades}
Opponent: {a-Clubs}{q-Hearts}

The board ran out {j-Hearts}{j-Diamonds}{9-Spades}{q-Diamonds}{3-Hearts} to see McCormick improve to a full house and move to 55,000 in chips.

Tom McCormick us 55,000 22,500

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