2020 World Series of Poker Main Event

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2020 World Series of Poker Main Event

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Informações do Nível
150,000 / 300,000
Informações do Jogador - Dia 1
Jogadores Restantes

Elias Doubles

Nível 20 : 5,000-10,000, 1,000 ante
Darren Elias
Darren Elias

Darren "darrenelias" Elias jammed all in from the small blind for 104,994. Shawn "shades927" Stroke called out of the big blind to out Elias at risk.

Darren "darrenelias" Elias: {a-Hearts}{q-Diamonds}
Shawn "shades927" Stroke: {a-Diamonds}{4-Diamonds}

The flop came {5-Hearts}{k-Clubs}{5-Diamonds}, the turn was the {9-Diamonds} and the river came the {3-Clubs} to give Elias an important double up.

Jogador Fichas Progresso
Shawn Stroke us
Shawn Stroke
488,095 -223,750
Darren "darrenelias" Elias us
Darren "darrenelias" Elias
218,988 -106,012

WSOP Legend: Doyle Brunson's Final Bracelet, 15 Years Later

Nível 20 : 5,000-10,000, 1,000 ante
WSOP Legend Doyle Brunson
WSOP Legend Doyle Brunson

At the beginning of the 2005 WSOP, Doyle Brunson remained the co-king of the all-time bracelet count, tied along with Johnny Chan at nine. However, as the series drew toward its close in late June, that was no longer the case — Chan had overtaken him by winning No. 10 to stand atop the mountain alone.

Brunson was already phasing out his tournament play, having cashed precisely zero times that summer and just three times in the previous two combined, although one had resulted in a bracelet victory.

When it came time for Event #31: $5,000 No-Limit Hold'em 6-Handed, Brunson dusted off his tournament chops and made a run.

For the a more thorough look on Brunson's historic 10th bracelet win, click the link below.

Click here to read the full story on Brunson's legendary win!

Level 20 Big Stacks

Nível 20 : 5,000-10,000, 1,000 ante
Jogador Fichas Progresso
Michael "vagab0nd" Youngman us
Michael "vagab0nd" Youngman
1,417,377 792,051
Upeshka De Silva us
Upeshka De Silva
1,374,483 425,694
WSOP 2X Winner
jets613 us
1,134,706 255,111
Keith "T1mB3y_B33F" Donovan us
Keith "T1mB3y_B33F" Donovan
1,054,937 -3,000
Ryan "Protential" Laplante
Ryan "Protential" Laplante
1,050,320 -170,680
Jaime "DameTime12" Cervantes-Alvarez us
Jaime "DameTime12" Cervantes-Alvarez
922,372 265,845
Martin "Bathroomline" Zamani
Martin "Bathroomline" Zamani
905,238 269,372
Thomas "illmatic_94" Schehr us
Thomas "illmatic_94" Schehr
888,208 10,231
Mohsin "bubbletea3" Charania us
Mohsin "bubbletea3" Charania
843,100 209,100
WSOP 1X Winner
Nick "cashusklay" Schulman us
Nick "cashusklay" Schulman
837,493 473,493
WSOP 3X Winner

Donovan Climbs Above a Million

Nível 20 : 5,000-10,000, 1,000 ante

"ThatsPraxis" raised to 22,500 from the button. Keith "T1mB3y_B33F" Donovan three-bet to 88,000 from the small blind which got a call from "ThatsPraxis" to build a large pot already.

The flop came {a-Diamonds}{6-Hearts}{a-Spades}. Action went check-check.

The turn was the {8-Spades}. Donovan check-called a bet of 61,500.

The river came the {8-Hearts}. Donovan checked again and "ThatsPraxis" bet 106,000 which Donovan swiftly called and revealed the {a-Clubs}{j-Hearts} full boat which crushed the {4-Spades}{4-Hearts} of his opponent to move his stack north of a million.

Jogador Fichas Progresso
Keith "T1mB3y_B33F" Donovan us
Keith "T1mB3y_B33F" Donovan
1,057,937 1,057,937
Scott "ThatsPraxis" Seiver us
Scott "ThatsPraxis" Seiver
485,885 -329,600
WSOP 4X Winner

Tags: Keith Donovan

Laplante Straightens Out Jaka to Vault Into Seven Figures

Nível 20 : 5,000-10,000, 1,000 ante
Faraz Jaka
Faraz Jaka

Ryan "protential" Laplante raised to 20,000 under the gun and Faraz "22NevaLoose" Jaka called from the hijack. Ruth "crazeelf666" Ruffman came along from the big blind and it was three-way action to the {10-Diamonds}{7-Hearts}{3-Spades}.

Ruffman checked, Laplante continued for 30,000, and the other two players called to see the {8-Hearts} turn.

Two checks saw Jaka bet 105,000, Ruffman folded, and Laplante just called to see the {2-Spades} river.

Laplante checked and then snap-called when Jaka jammed for 368,553.

Faraz "22NevaLoose" Jaka: {3-Diamonds}{3-Hearts}
Ryan "protential" Laplante: {j-Clubs}{9-Clubs}

Jaka had flopped a set but it was no good as Laplante had completed his gutshot straight on the turn to take down the massive pot.

Jogador Fichas Progresso
Ryan "Protential" Laplante
Ryan "Protential" Laplante
1,221,000 419,686
Faraz "22nevaloose" Jaka us
Faraz "22nevaloose" Jaka

Tags: Faraz JakaRyan Laplante

Nível: 20

Blinds: 5,000/10,000

Ante: 1,000

Liberto Takes "Boxy1" to the Showers

Nível 19 : 4,000-8,000, 800 ante

Ruth "crazeelf666" Ruffman raised to 19,900 from middle position. "Boxy1" then three-bet all in for 63,672 from the button. Justin "cheersfive" Liberto re-shoved his larger stack of 322,95 which forced Ruffman out.

"Boxy1" was at risk holding the [10c01d] against the {a-Spades}{k-Diamonds} of Liberto.

The flop came {j-Spades}{a-Clubs}{4-Hearts} to pair up Liberto and put "Boxy1" in trouble. The turn {2-Diamonds} and the river {k-Hearts} did nothing to save "Boxy1" who was sent packing.

Jogador Fichas Progresso
Justin "cheersfive" Liberto us
Justin "cheersfive" Liberto
417,723 -431,505
Ruth "crazeelf666" Ruffman us
Ruth "crazeelf666" Ruffman
218,754 218,754
Boxy1 us

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Nível 19 : 4,000-8,000, 800 ante
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Laplante Calls River to Get Huge Boost

Nível 19 : 4,000-8,000, 800 ante
Ryan Laplante
Ryan Laplante

Justin "cheersfive" Liberto raised to 16,125 from under the gun. Ryan "Protential" Laplante called from the hijack and everyone else folded.

The flop came {q-Clubs}{5-Spades}{a-Diamonds}. Liberto led out with a bet of 9,425 and Laplante called.

The turn was the {7-Spades}. Liberto slowed down and checked while Laplante bet 21,000. Liberto then raised it to 86,725 which Laplante called.

The river came the {j-Clubs}. Liberto moved all in to put Laplante's remaining stack of 279,182 at risk. Laplante called after a couple of moments and had the winner as his {a-Hearts}{j-Hearts} bested the {q-Diamonds}{10-Spades} of Liberto to give him a huge boost in chips.

Jogador Fichas Progresso
Ryan "Protential" Laplante
Ryan "Protential" Laplante
801,314 369,314
Justin "cheersfive' Liberto us
Justin "cheersfive' Liberto
432,891 432,891

Tags: Ryan LaplanteJustin Liberto

World Series of Poker Main Event - The Numbers Are In!

Nível 19 : 4,000-8,000, 800 ante

The World Series of Poker (WSOP) closed registration on its unique 2020’s hybrid online and live edition of the $10,000 No-Limit Hold-Em World Championship, known better to poker fans as the Main Event.

Previously GGPoker played the online portion of the international bracket, drawing 674 players and creating a prize pool of $6,470,000. The remaining eight players from eight different nations will convene for live play on Tuesday, Dec. 15 at King’s Casino in the Czech Republic with its champion traveling to Las Vegas for a heads-up showdown for an additional million dollars on Wed., Dec. 30.

On Sunday, Dec. 13 at 6 p.m. local time in Las Vegas, registration closed on WSOP.com’s real money gaming platform for the USA field. Once tallied up, the tournament drew 705 entrants who posted the $10,000 buy-in creating a total prize pool of $6,768,000.

The 2020 Main Event will establish a new benchmark for prize pool in U.S. regulated markets, easily eclipsing the $2.019 million achieved for the 2020 WSOP Online championship in July 2020. Also of note, since regulations began for online poker in 2014, never had a player won $1 million or greater on a U.S. licensed poker site. The 2020 Main Event will make millionaires of both first and second place for the domestic field, and when combined with first and second place payouts for the international bracket, will see four players hitting the magic mark from the tournament.

“It’s a great result so far,” said Ty Stewart, Executive Director of the World Series of Poker. “I think considering the circumstances 1,379 players is a strong field size that can stand up to the history of the event. It’s also an important milestone for regulated online poker. Can’t wait to see who will win this world championship bracelet.”

By The Numbers

Total Entrants – 1379
Total Prize Pool - $13,238,000 + $1,000,000 to be added

Total Entrants on WSOP.com– 705
Total Prize Pool on WSOP.com - $6,768,000

Total Entrants on GGPoker - 674
Total Prize Pool on GGPoker: $6,470,000