2021 World Series of Poker
€5,300 Main Event

Hands #64-66: Karlsson Back in the Lead

• Nível 28: 40,000-80,000, 10,000 ante
Mats Karlsson

Hand #64: Dmitry Yurasov folded his button and from the small blind, Aliaksei Boika completed with {A-Diamonds}{3-Diamonds}. Mats Karlsson raised to 275,000 holding {J-Spades}{10-Hearts} and Boika called.

The flop came {7-Clubs}{2-Spades}{Q-Diamonds} and Boika checked to Karlsson. The Swede didn't slow down after his recent hits and fired 325,000. Boika made the call. The turn was the {9-Hearts} which gave Karlsson an open-ended straight draw. Boika only had ace-high and check-folded to a 710,000-bet.

Hand #65: Mats Karlsson raised his {Q-Hearts}{2-Spades} from the small blind and won the blinds and antes.

Hand #66: On the button, Mats Karlsson picked up {K-Clubs}{Q-Spades} and raised to 200,000. Aliaksei Boika defended his big blind with {A-Clubs}{8-Hearts}. Both paired up on the {9-Diamonds}{8-Diamonds}{K-Spades} flop giving Karlsson the best hand with top pair.

When checked to him, he bet 350,000 and Boika called. The turn didn't change anything with the {2-Hearts} and Boika checked again. Karlsson charged Boika for 800,000 to see the river but the Belarusian folded.

Jogador Fichas Progresso
Mats Karlsson mt
Mats Karlsson
mt 6,880,000 1,330,000
Aliaksei Boika by
Aliaksei Boika
by 5,955,000 -1,180,000
Dmitry Yurasov ru
Dmitry Yurasov
ru 1,150,000 -400,000

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