Veronica Brill Talks Postle, Poker After Dark, Being Single & More

Many of you will recognize the name Veronica Brill as the woman who outed Mike Postle in the cheating scandal that rocked the poker world. Well, get to know her now as one of the most engaging faces in the poker world. She shares with Sarah Herring about her experience hosting the new iteration of Poker After Dark and gives all the dirt (on herself and a few secret players). :). Get to know her life growing up Polish, her journey to the states and finding poker. And how Joey Ingram and Bill Perkins saved her!

01:35 | How is she single?

06:45 | Her Poker Backstory

13:00 I Moving to the United States, Divorce, losing a baby and being an RN

16:00 I Getting a job in Tech in Silicon Valley

19:00 | First Time as a Presenter on Poker After Dark

28:30 | Starting Her Own YouTube Channel

35:00 | Being the Mike Postle Whistleblower

42:30 | Being Sued by Mike Postle

46:00 | What She Will do with Leftover Money

49:00 | Where did the Name Angry Polak come from?

50:30 | Growing up in a House with a lot of Yelling

57:15 | @Angry_Polak

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