Tony "Johnnie Vibes" Moreno WINS Prop Bet w Shaun Deeb

Earlier in the summer poker Twitter erupted with a case of the poker police calling out several poker players for having unethical markup. Shaun Deeb was one of the players leading the charge to lambast the players he felt were taking advantage of investors. Vlogger and cash grinder Tony Moreno, known as "Johnnie Vibes found himself in the middle of the controversy and decided the best approach was to take an even money bet against Shaun Deeb comparing their ROI in the same tournaments at the 2019 WSOP. In this interview with Sarah Herring Vibes explains the bet, the results and his content this summer.

Check out this article for more about the evolution of the markup police and the prop bet.

Check out Johnnie Vibes content here:

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