The Most Controversial Poker Vlogger Marle Cordeiro Tells All

The latest and possibly most controversial poker Vlogger, Marle Cordeiro joins Sarah Herring for a a tell all look at her life and her content creation. She opens up about a scam that changed her life, the break-up which led to the Vlog and how the poker community has reacted to her jaw dropping comedy…or is it?

Check out Marle Vlog here:

Her Social:


3:30 The Controversy

4:30 PSA on Tournament Poker

9:15 The Joey Ingram & Kelly Minkin Podcast Tone
You can watch here:

14:15 Being a woman has its benefits

19:15 The Unicorn that is the Golden Nugget $1/2 Game

22:15 Reaction from “regulars” in Vegas and poker pros

23:55 The Break Up that was a catalyst for the Vlog

27:45 Winning seat to Solve 4 Why Academy

29:45 Getting Scammed

34:45 Backers

37:45 Random Questions with Marle

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