Ryan DePaulo "Degenerate Gambler" Wins WSOP Bracelet in Whole Foods Lot

Sarah Herring talks to streamer, content creator and poker professional Ryan "degenerate gambler" DePaulo about his recent bracelet win in the 2020 World Series of Poker. DePaulo explains how he found himself at 6 in the morning in the Whole Foods Parking Lot?
They also discuss his early life, his degenerate fans, the state of poker in the USA and much more.

| Ryan’s Childhood & history
| Getting Kicked out of college
| Where did the "Parkour" come from?
| What about “mush"
| Why in the Whole Foods parking lot?
| Ryan has to take viewer to Jets home game opener
| Working as a union guy
| https://youtu.be/QQRYaXV_Gfo (best video ever!)
| How are you able to set up in the car w out issues?
| Busting Ferguson
| 3rd place in 2019 Colossus
| Time to get Married!
| Sponsorship and content creation
| YouTube coming for poker content
| https://www.youtube.com/user/Whyisjadakiss

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