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Reflections on the European Poker Tour Best & Worst Moments

With the European Poker Tour moving online from Nov 8-18, Chad Holloway and Sarah Herring decided to take an in-depth look at the tournament circuit that shaped the lives of so many people, both professionals and staff including Sarah and Chad themselves. They discuss their favorite, moments, stops, winners, craziest experiences and much more. Plus they are joined by Kevin Macphee who shares about winning EPT Berlin after the robbery that had the whole country looking at the poker tournament, Mike McDonald who remains the youngest ever EPT winner, Hossein Ensan - Current World Champion and EPT winner, and Lee Jones who has worked at many levels on the poker scene, including on the EPT.

01:00 | Chad and Sarah Share EPT Memories
04:30 | Eaten Alive by 100 Fish:
06:00 | How EPT Changed behind the Scenes
11:30 I Chad’s EPT Memorabilia
14:00 | Hossein Ensan Joins Show
23:00 I Kevin MacPhee Joins Show
34:00 | The EPT Gets Robbed
54:22 | Lee Jones Joins the Show
01:25:00 | The PS Blog Team
01:28:00 | Poker Players that Defined the EPT
01:32:00 | Mike ’Timex’ McDonald Joins the Show
01:35:00 | The Evolution of the EPT
01:38:30 | Mike’s Projects the Last Couple Years
01:46:31 | Mike’s Memories of the EPT
01:55:45 | Vicky Coren Is First Back-to-Back Champion
01:58:30 | The Worst EPT Ever :)
02:03:30 | Favorite Stops for Sarah and Chad
02:07:45 | EPT ONLINE Nov 8-18, 2020
02:10:37 | Oddschecker

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