Q&A with Trevor Savage aka Raising The Nuts

In this Q&A we catch up with Trevor Savage AKA RaisingTheNuts. Trevor is a professional poker player as well as a YouTube Poker vlogger. We find out about his new coaching course, what his secret to success is and what his single most valuable tip is into improving at your game.

2:07 | How do you balance poker life with your family?
5:15 | What is it like playing online in New Jersey?
7:05 | What are your plans for the future in poker?
9:26 | Trevor’s new coaching course - Creating a Crusher
12:25 | The importance of the mental game within poker
17:45 | Where did the name Raising The Nuts come from?
19:02 | What is the thing that changed your results?
21:25 | What is the best software to review hands?
24:55 | One good thing about playing GTO
26:01 | How much time do you play spend studying poker?
29:07 | What is the key factor in your success?
31:50 | How do you convince your partner to get behind poker?
32:57 | How did you achieve such steady growth in your results?
35:00 | What is your single most valuable tip?
38:45 | Talking about his podcast with his wife Jody
40:14 | The correlation between mental health and playing poker

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