Poker and Pop Culture: The History of Poker & the Main Stream

Poker and gambling have been woven into the very fabric of American popular culture for the better part of a century, infiltrating film, television, literature, politics - you name it. In different moments in our history, poker has been romanticized and glorified, and at other times denigrated, condemned and prohibited.

Lucky for the poker world, we have our very own poker and pop culture historian in PokerNews Associate Editor and Head of Strategy Content Martin Harris to guide us through the history of poker's tumultuous progress in American culture.

A professor at UNC Charlotte, Harris has been fascinated with the ways in which poker has been represented in various forms of media since he picked up the game as many did - during the Moneymaker boom in the early 2000s. His D&B Poker Publishing book entitled Poker and Pop Culture has been over a decade in the making, and spans around two centuries of material.

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