LIVE PN Pod: Phil Galfond Reveals on RunItOnce & Poker's Biggest Threats

Phil Galfond has officially launched the beta on a poker site the community has been drooling over for years. He joins Sarah Herring and [Removed:139] to talk about the biggest threats facing poker, why he wanted to start a poker site, his biggest hurdles and his legacy.

For more on Run it Once:

3:20 Jeff Gross and Jaime Staples Part Ways With PokerStars

7:30 PSPC Winner Ramon Colillas is the Newest Face of Team PokerStars

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21:00 Phil Galfond joins the show!

23:30 The public beta launch of Run It Once: "The response has been about as good as I could hope for so I'm very pleased with how it's been going."

25:20 Plans on when to move Run It Once past the public beta stage

27:20 Galfond goes over the features that differentiate Run It Once from other sites: splash the pot, random aliases, dynamic avatars, and more!

40:00 Motivation behind creating Run It Once: "The idea for the poker site was born out of fear really, for where the online poker world and industry is heading. And obviously, it's very exciting running a poker site. It wasn't just a purely noble pursuit."

43:00 The top threats to the online poker community: "The biggest threat is botting, just in the past few years bots have become that much better and able to beat humans."

46:20 Challenges he faced in creating the site: "The biggest struggle was definitely development."

49:40 Being the face behind Run It Once: "I'm not too stressed about it...I'm very involved, and the people that are there, keeping an eye on things, I trust very much, I trust completely. It doesn't really scare me, I'm happy to put my face on it."

53:40 Does he look at this as helping to create his legacy? "I definitely think it will be my biggest achievement in poker."

54:30 Looking ahead: "What I've noticed is the players who are playing are really enjoying it...I think players are going to keep coming back and keep playing. So what we need to focus on, what we are focusing on, is just growing and getting the word out to more people."

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