Event #3: €1,350 NLH Mini Main Event

Jack Sinclair Eliminated in 5th Place (€64,495 + €10,350 WSOPE Main Event Ticket)

poolshir • Nível 38: 800,000-1,600,000, 1,600,000 ante
Jack Sinclair

Jack Sinclair shoved for 8,000,000 from the small blind and Marius Gicovanu snap-called in the big blind.

Jack Sinclair: {k-Spades}{5-Diamonds}
Marius Gicovanu: {a-Spades}{k-Hearts}

The flop came {2-Diamonds}{9-Diamonds}{6-Hearts} to keep Gicovanu ahead while both players went to their rails to get their support.

The turn was the {7-Clubs} for Sinclair to pick up the gutshot to a straight but the river completed the board with the {9-Hearts} to not help Sinclair as he was eliminated in fifth place.

Jogador Fichas Progresso
Marius Gicovanu ro
Marius Gicovanu
ro 51,600,000 8,000,000
Jack Sinclair gb
Jack Sinclair
gb Eliminado