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Event #7: €10,400 Main Event Championship

Arnaud Mattern Doubles Up

Arnaud Mattern likes his Aces

Arnaud Mattern has just found himself in a gem of a situation over at the secondary table.

Brian Roberts raised to 43,000 under the gun and Amir Lehavot cold called in middle position. Arnaud Mattern was in the cut-off and he moved all-in for 288,000. Roberts folded and Lehavot made the call and it seemed he was laying a little trap for Roberts.


Mattern{A-Spades} {A-Diamonds}
Lehavot{K-Clubs} {K-Hearts}

Board: {10-Hearts} {7-Spades} {4-Hearts} {5-Hearts} {5-Clubs}

Mattern was in a great spot and after fading a king and heart on the river he doubled up. Bizarrely, Mattern had only found aces v kings one previous time in his tournament history and now it has happened twice in one tournament!

Contagem de Fichas
Brian Roberts us 1,436,000 -25,000
Amir Lehavot il 1,144,000 -288,000
Arnaud Mattern fr 669,000 381,000

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