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Event #7: €10,400 Main Event Championship

The Demise of Ricardo Tavares

Ricardo Tavares was absolutely motoring earlier on today. The man from Brazil had a smidgen under 400,000 and now he has 60,000. I asked a few people who he had lost his chips to and the answer was everyone. So I thought I would just give you a run-down of the table.

1Ricardo Tavares60,000
2Stephen Chidwick540,000
3Rebecca Mordoff240,000
4Barry Greenstein60,000
5Arnaud Mattern400,000
7Steven Moreau90,000
8Brian Roberts685,000
Contagem de Fichas
Brian Roberts us 685,000 155,000
Stephen Chidwick gb 540,000 110,000
Arnaud Mattern fr 400,000
Rebecca Mordoff 240,000 40,000
Steven Moreau fr 90,000 -35,000
Ricardo Tavares br 60,000 -95,000
Barry Greenstein us 60,000 -50,000

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