Event #7: €10,400 Main Event Championship

Boeree's Aces Deliver a Blow to Waxman

Liv Boeree

Action folded to Liv Boeree on the button and she raised to 4,500. In the big blind, Matt Waxman made the call.

The flop came down {J-Diamonds}{3-Hearts}{3-Clubs} and Waxman checked. Boeree bet 6,100 and Waxman made the call to see the {10-Spades} land on the turn. Waxman checked again. Boeree upped her bet to 12,000 and slid it out. Waxman called.

After the {2-Diamonds} landed on the river, Waxman checked. Boeree studied him for a few brief moments and then bet 24,000. Waxman made the call.

Boeree tabled the {A-Diamonds}{A-Clubs} and Waxman mucked with a pained look on his face.

Contagem de Fichas
Liv Boeree gb 205,000 115,000
Matt Waxman us 52,000 -10,800

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