Event #7: €10,400 Main Event Championship

Freddy Got Folded

Freddy Deeb

We're not sure exactly how the betting action went down, but when we walked up to the table, there was just about 100,000 already piled in the middle of the table. And no flop out yet. Philippe Ktorza had another 58,100 chips out in front of him as the last aggressor, and Freddy Deeb was deep in the tank. Deeb doesn't normally spend too much time on his decisions, and he realized he was taking a long time.

"Sorry, boys," he apologized. "I never think this long."

After another moment, Deeb added, "I never think this long, and I never make this laydown." And then after another moment: "Might have to do it for the first time." Deeb looked across the table at Carlos Mortensen and asked, "What you think, Carlos?" Mortensen smirked and waved off the comment, keeping quiet for the time being.

Finally, he made up his mind. "I mean, you gotta have aces," Deeb finally said. "Go ahead. Take it." And with that, he open-mucked {K-Diamonds} {K-Spades}.

Now Mortensen spoke up: "I was going to say that you lost aces to kings earlier today, he said. "So, of course, it was your turn to do it."

Deeb did indeed have his aces cracked earlier on, but he's folded kings here preflop to save his last ~115,000 chips for a better spot. Ktorza did not show.

Contagem de Fichas
Freddy Deeb us 115,000 -26,000

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