Event #7: €10,400 Main Event Championship

Kostritsyn in the Tank

On a {6-Hearts} {3-Hearts} {4-Diamonds} flop, we picked up three-way action as Dylan Wilkerson checked from the blinds. Constant Rijkenberg was the preflop raiser, and he continued out with a bet of 6,100. Alexander Kostritsyn raised it up to 15,800, and Wilkerson snuck in another raise -- all in for 66,900 total. That folded Rijkenberg rather quickly, but Kostritsyn wasn't doing anything quickly.

He had the dealer pull in the 15,800s, then sat in the tank and studied for several long minutes. He was mumbling to himself and shaking his head and trying to make heads or tails of the situation, shooting the occasional glance to his left to check on Wilkerson. Finally, and reluctantly, he folded.

Contagem de Fichas
Constant Rijkenberg nl 270,000 -23,000
Alexander Kostritsyn ru 100,000 -60,000
Dylan Wilkerson us 97,000 65,275

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