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Event #7: €10,400 Main Event Championship

Palevic Now Eats Into The Cody Stack

Rifat Palevic had pretty much picked on everyone at his table with the exception of Jake Cody. That was until a few moments ago when the pair clashed. We only caught the end of the hand so apologies for the rather sketchy information.

Four players saw a flop with Jake Cody holding position in the hand. The flop was {4-Hearts} {3-Diamonds} {2-Hearts} and Cody made a c-bet and only Palevic called. The turn was the {J-Clubs} and again Palevic took the check-call line. On the river the {10-Hearts} brought in the flush and Palevic check-called a 27,500 Cody bet.


Palevic{Q-Hearts} {8-Hearts}
Cody{2-Diamonds} {2-Clubs}

So Palevic won the hand and although we didn't see the pre-flop, flop and turn bets we know the pot was over 100,000.

Contagem de Fichas
Rifat Palevic se 523,000 78,000
Jake Cody gb 112,000 -61,000

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