Event #7: €10,400 Main Event Championship

Chan Busts Jeannet


On the {Q-Clubs}{8-Hearts}{5-Diamonds} flop, Mohamed El Hamdi, Jerome Jeannet and Philippe Narboni all checked to two-time World Series of Poker Main Event winner Johnny Chan. He bet 3,000 and El Hamdi folded. Jeannet raised all in for 14,725 and Narboni got out of the way. Chan called and El Hamdi folded.

Chan: {Q-Hearts}{10-Diamonds}
Jeannet: {7-Clubs}{6-Diamonds}

The turn was the {2-Spades} and the river the {7-Hearts}. Jeannet missed and Chan won the pot, eliminating Jeannet in the process.

Contagem de Fichas
Johnny Chan us 115,000 6,650
Jerome Jeannet Eliminado

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