GGPoker Super MILLION$ Week
Event #7: €10,400 Main Event Championship

Blom Busts

Blom is Gone

We received word that Viktor Blom had been eliminated from the tournament, we headed over to his table to ask intrepid reporter Jon Spinks what happened and here is the story:

Blom had been reduced to 14,000 very early after having his Aces cracked by the Kings of Erik Cajelais. Then after a number of limpers decided to play a pot Blom raised to 1,350 from the big blind and Philippe Ktorza called. The flop was {J-} {10-} {8-}, Blom checked, Ktorza bet 1,350, Blom moved his last 10,000 into the pot and Ktorza called.


Ktorza{A-} {J-}
Blom{A-} {10-}

The turn and river bricked for Blom and him, and his nice new haircut, were gone.

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Viktor Blom se Eliminado

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