Event #6: €1,620 Six-Handed Pot-Limit Omaha

Behbehani Does it Pre Flop

Salman Behbehani raised pre flop to 3,600 after which Antony Lellouche made the call. From the button John Nahum decided to three-bet to 10,900 and both blinds folded. Behbehani shoved all-in for his stack worth 37,100 and Lellouche folded. Nahum tanked for a while double checking his cards multiple times before eventually folding his cards.

Behbehani is up 57,000 without showdown while Nahum drops to 112,000.

Contagem de Fichas
John Nahum 112,000 -19,000
Salman Behbehani us 57,000 18,000

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