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Event #5: €10,400 No-Limit Hold'em (Split Format)

Roger Hairabedian Eliminated in the Semifinals (€112,092)

Roger Hairabedian - out

Michael Mizrachi raised to 26,000 from the button, and Roger Hairabedian came along to the flop. It would end up being the last flop they'd see.

The dealer spread out {J-Hearts} {5-Spades} {8-Spades}, and Hairabedian led out into the pot with 30,000, and Mizrachi quickly called. The turn came the {4-Diamonds}, and it was the action card. Hairabedian stacked out another 80,000, and Mizrachi wanted to play for more. He made a very big raise to 480,000 total, and Hairabedian wasn't going anywhere.

"Well," he said. "It's the time." He began to reach for his whole stack, but he paused to reach across the table and shake hands first. "Congratulations," he said with an outstretched hand. Mizrachi didn't flinch, so Hairabedian tried again. "You don't want congratulations? You win. Congratulations."

Mizrachi gave a quick half-shake, and Hairabedian promptly moved all in. Snap-call! Cards up.

Hairabedian: {5-Clubs} {5-Hearts}
Mizrachi: {6-Hearts} {7-Clubs}

The Grinder had turned the nuts, but he still needed to fade the board pairs to notch the win. He was clearly a bit nervous as he stood from his chair and sweated the final card -- the {3-Spades}.

A pump of the fist and a shake of the hands one more time, and it's Michael Mizrachi who's moving on to the finals. It became clear that it was going to take a cooler for this match to end at a reasonable hour, and that's just what we got as Hairabedian is set up and run out the door. The crowd favorite will pocket €112,092 for his efforts over the past three days.

Contagem de Fichas
Michael Mizrachi us 2,397,000 1,007,000
Roger Hairabedian fr Eliminado

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