Event #5: €10,400 No-Limit Hold'em (Split Format)

Motorov Dents Lundmark

On a {6-Hearts} {7-Diamonds} {8-Diamonds} flop, we caught up with the action as Kent Lundmark was putting out a bet of 5,700. He was heads up, and Dmitry Motorov raised to 12,000 with about 50,000 behind. After some consideration, Lundmark shoved in, and Motorov quickly called all in for his tournament life.

Lundmark: {7-Hearts} {8-Hearts}
Motorov: {5-Hearts} {5-Clubs}

Motorov needed a four, five, or nine to notch the knockout, but he'd just miss on both ends. The turn {10-Hearts} was too high and the river {3-Clubs} was too low, and Motorov has found his double. Lundmark could afford that little bit, and it looks like he's still the chip leader with over 300,000.

Contagem de Fichas
Kent Lundmark se 310,000 -65,000
Dmitry Motorov 135,000 55,000

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