GGPoker Super MILLION$ Week
Event #2: €1,090 No-Limit Hold'em

A New Leader Emerges

• Nível 12: 600-1,200, 200 ante
Gianluca Speranza

We just caught the tail end of this pot, but it's worth a mention.

When we walked up to the table, the board showed {5-Diamonds} {6-Diamonds} {8-Hearts} {8-Diamonds} {4-Clubs}, and there was about 22,000 in the pot. Toby Lewis checked, and Gianluca Speranza took his cue to bet 13,600. That sent Lewis deep into the think tank, and he's spend the next few minutes agonizing over the decision for more than a quarter of his remaining stack. He took long enough that Speranza eventually asked for the clock.

It was called, and about 45 seconds into the countdown, Lewis mustered the courage to plunk the call into the pot. Speranza showed up {Q-Diamonds} {10-Diamonds} for the flush, and Lewis quietly mucked, leaving himself about 36,000.

Speranza is doing much better than that. He's the big stack in the room by our eyes, sitting pretty with about 149,000 now.

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