Event #2: €1,090 No-Limit Hold'em

Day 2 Awaits

We're just a few minutes away from the restart of Event #2, and Day 2 awaits the 104 players who've survived this long in the €1,090 buy-in event.

It's Aussie Andrew Hinrichsen in front of the pack for now, apparently still running hot on the heels of his deep run in the WSOP Main Event in Las Vegas this summer. Among the relative unknowns left in the field are a smattering of familiar names, as well, and the road to the bracelet is still a tough one. Toby Lewis, Roberto Romanello, Randy Dorfman, Tyler Kenney, and Vanessa Selbst all begin this day with above-average stacks, while guys like Peter Jetten, Dan Kelly, and Dan Shak have some work to do as they return to thinly-stuffed chip bags this afternoon.

The players have just begun taking their seats, and the chips have begun rattling around the felt. We'll be off and running in about ten minutes, so don't wander off!