Event #2: €1,090 No-Limit Hold'em


Jason Mercier (Event #1)

We ran into Jason Mercier as he was headed out the door. He relayed us the details of his bust out hand and this is what happened.

There were two limpers and then Mercier limped on the button with pocket nines. The small blind completed and the big blind raised to 8000. Only Mercier made the call to see the {7-}{2-}{2-} flop with two hearts. The big blind bet 1,600 and Mercier moved all in for 6,300. After about 15 seconds, the player made the call with two kings, having Mercier's nines beat.

"The turn was a four and the river an eight," finished Mercier. "It was kind of a nit roll, but whatever."

In case you're wondering what a "nit roll" is, Mercier can pretty much be credited with being the first well-known pro to use the term and give it birth. Back in 2009, Mercier was commenting on the final table of the European Poker Tour Barcelona Main Event. We dug into the archives and found this post, where we described how Mercier discussed the difference between a slow roll and a nit roll on the live commentary. It's only fitting he was eliminated from this event via a "nit roll."

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