2017 World Series of Poker

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Event #72: $10,000 Seven Card Stud Championship
Event #72: $10,000 Seven Card Stud Championship
Dia 1 Terminado

Fast-Paced Day Sees John Monnette Finish as Leader in Stud Championship

mnuwwarah • Nível 10: 4,000-8,000, 1,000 ante
John Monnette
John Monnette

The $10,000 Championship events, with their massive starting stacks and slow structures, often see fairly unremarkable Day 1s that feature half of the field or more bag up chips and come back for moving day on Day 2.

Not so in Event #72: $10,000 Seven Card Stud Championship, where a field of 88 runners — one more than last year's 87 in the often trampled-upon game — was reduced to just 29.

Foremost among those in terms of chip count was John Monnette. He finished with 371,000. Monnette already pocketed a bracelet this year, winning $10,000 2-7 Single Draw Championship and is looking for No. 2, along with WSOP Player of the Year honors, where he currently sits in third place behind Ryan Hughes and John Racener.

Both of those players busted out on Day 1.

Another player pacing the field was Perry Friedman. Clad in a shirt that sported his mini-marquee that had "Stud" scrolling in green letters throughout the day, he turned his 50,000 starting stack into 363,500. Friedman already has one bracelet to his credit, won back in 2002 in $1,500 Omaha Hi-Lo.

Other players pushing for the lead included Chris Tryba (285,500) and Shaun Deeb (343,000). Deeb won the $1,500 Stud bracelet in 2016.

Some of the players who were eliminated during the 10 levels of play included Max Pescatori, Mike Matusow, Stephen Chidwick, Mike Leah, Brian Hastings and defending champion Robert Mizrachi.

With just 29 left, the field is close to the money, as 14 places will be paid. They'll return Saturday for Day 2 at 2 p.m., with everyone looking to best position themselves for the $245,451 first-place prize.

RoomTableSeatPlayerCountryChip Count
Amazon171John MonnetteUnited States371,000
Amazon172Christopher VitchUnited States257,000
Amazon173Daniel ZackUnited States163,000
Amazon174Bryce YockeyUnited States145,000
Amazon175Jared BleznickUnited States165,500
Amazon176Mike WattelUnited States81,500
Amazon178Ben YuUnited States35,000
Amazon181Randy OhelUnited States180,000
Amazon182Shaun DeebUnited States343,000
Amazon183Bertrand GrospellierFrance91,500
Amazon184Shirley RosarioUnited States82,500
Amazon185Cliff JosephyUnited States60,000
Amazon186Jean GaspardUnited States85,000
Amazon187Eric WassersonUnited States201,000
Amazon188Talal ShakerchiUnited Kingdom23,000
Amazon191Perry FriedmanUnited States363,000
Amazon192Amir MirrasouliUnited States191,500
Amazon193Alex LuneauFrance57,000
Amazon194Chris TrybaUnited States285,500
Amazon195Harry, Jr. ThomasUnited States78,000
Amazon196Todd BrunsonUnited States27,000
Amazon197David BachUnited States169,500
Amazon202Jason MercierUnited States156,000
Amazon203Juha HelppiFinland96,500
Amazon204Ryan MillerUnited States91,000
Amazon205Andre AkkariBrazil245,500
Amazon206Chris FergusonUnited States189,000
Amazon207Brandon Shack-HarrisUnited States52,000
Amazon208David BenyamineUnited States177,500

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End-of-Day Chip Counts (Completo)

AnTh0nyWTF • Nível 10: 4,000-8,000, 1,000 ante
John Monnette us 371,000 86,000
Perry Friedman us 363,500 38,500
Shaun Deeb us 343,000 -27,000
Chris Tryba us 285,500 -27,500
Chris Vitch us 257,000 27,000
Andre Akkari br 245,500 136,300
Eric Wasserson us 201,000 54,000
Sean Mirrasouli us 191,500 21,500
Chris Ferguson us 189,000 139,000
Randy Ohel us 180,000 -5,000
David Benyamine fr 177,500 7,500
David Bach us 169,500 42,500
Jared Bleznick us 165,500 -14,500
Dan Zack us 163,000 62,000
Jason Mercier us 156,000 -44,000
Bryce Yockey us 145,000 95,000
Juha Helppi fi 96,500 -83,500
Bertrand Grospellier fr 91,500 3,500
Ryan Miller us 91,000 41,000
Shirley Rosario us 82,500 1,500
Mike Wattel us 81,500 -101,500
Harry Thomas us 78,000 -14,000
Cliff Josephy us 60,000 -1,000
Alex Luneau FR 57,000 -1,000
Brandon Shack-Harris us 52,000 -28,000

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Ohel Can't Continue

AnTh0nyWTF • Nível 10: 4,000-8,000, 1,000 ante

Randy Ohel: {x-}{x-}/{7-Hearts}{3-Spades}{6-Hearts}{10-Hearts}/{x-}
Juha Helppi: {x-}{x-}/{j-Diamonds}{8-Clubs}{10-Clubs}{q-Hearts}/{x-}

Randy Ohel recently clashed in a pot getting all the way to seventh street. Juha Helppi fired a bet each street and Ohel called him down all the way. Until seventh. Helppi bet once more and Ohel couldn't call.

Randy Ohel us 185,000 28,000
Juha Helppi fi 180,000 76,500

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Battle of Frenchmen Goes to Benyamine

mnuwwarah • Nível 10: 4,000-8,000, 1,000 ante

David Benyamine made it two bets with {j-Diamonds} after Prince Gaspard completed first to act. Alex Luneau reraised with {q-Hearts}. That chased away everyone but Benyamine. Luneau bet again on fourth but checked back fifth when Benyamine caught an ace. Benyamine took the lead from there, betting sixth and seventh.

Benyamine: {x-}{x-}/{j-Diamonds}{8-Clubs}{a-Spades}{7-Hearts}/{x-}
Luneau: {x-}{x-}/{q-Hearts}{k-Spades}{2-Spades}{j-Spades}/{x-}

Luneau tossed in what looked like a reluctant call on seventh.

"Jacks up," Benyamine said, showing {j-Hearts}{7-Clubs}{3-Diamonds}.

David Benyamine fr 170,000 18,000
Alex Luneau FR 58,000 -47,000

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Vitch Eliminates Zhu

mnuwwarah • Nível 10: 4,000-8,000, 1,000 ante

Eric Wasserson completed with the {k-Diamonds}, and Yueqi Zhu put in his 6,500 with the {9-Hearts}. Bring-in Chris Vitch came along and took the lead when he made a two-flush on fourth and then bet again with open eights on fifth. Wasserson tanked awhile and folded.

Wasserson: {x-}{x-}/{k-Diamonds}{7-Clubs}{2-Hearts} (folded on fifth)
Zhu: {q-Diamonds}{q-Clubs}/{9-Hearts}{a-Spades}{7-Spades}
Vitch: {j-Hearts}{3-Hearts}/{3-Clubs}{8-Clubs}{8-Hearts}

Zhu's hand finished with {6-Clubs}{4-Hearts}, no help against the two pair.

Chris Vitch us 230,000 110,000
Yueqi Zhu cn Eliminado

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Luneau Eliminates Merivirta

mnuwwarah • Nível 10: 4,000-8,000, 1,000 ante

Jyri Merivirta was short on chips and got them all in on fifth street against Alex Luneau.

Luneau: {a-Hearts}{5-Hearts}/{q-Hearts}{5-Clubs}{3-Hearts}
Merivirta: {a-Spades}{10-Hearts}{10-Diamonds}{j-Diamonds}{7-Clubs}

Luneau hit his flush with the {8-Hearts}, and with Merivirta taking a blank {5-Diamonds} on sixth, he walked away without bothering to check his meaningless river card.

Alex Luneau FR 105,000 -13,300
Jyri Merivirta fi Eliminado

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Aggression Pays Off for Zack

AnTh0nyWTF • Nível 10: 4,000-8,000, 1,000 ante

Dan Zack: {x-}{x-}/{8-Clubs}{q-Spades}{k-Diamonds}{3-Diamonds}/{x-}
Marco Johnson: {x-}{x-}/{9-Spades}{7-Clubs}{q-Diamonds}{10-Diamonds}/{x-}
Sean Mirrasouli: {x-}{x-}/{8-Spades}{3-Hearts} (folded on fourth)

Sean Mirrasouli bet on fourth street and Dan Zack raised. Marco Johnson called and Mirrasouli folded.

Johnson called bets from Zack on fifth and sixth and folded on seventh when Zack fired again.

Dan Zack us 101,000 34,000
Marco Johnson us 55,000 -35,000

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Friedman Takes Clash of Chip Bosses

mnuwwarah • Nível 10: 4,000-8,000, 1,000 ante

John Monnette completed with {9-Clubs} and Perry Friedman raised with {9-Hearts}. Monnette called and then called a bet on fourth before raising on fifth. Friedman called.

Monnette: {x-}{x-}/{9-Clubs}{2-Spades}{8-Spades}{j-Diamonds}
Friedman: {x-}{x-}/{9-Hearts}{q-Hearts}{10-Clubs}{6-Diamonds}

Both players checked sixth and then again on seventh. Friedman revealed {a-Diamonds}{a-Spades} and then a river card of {9-Diamonds}, and Monnette couldn't beat the aces up.

Perry Friedman us 319,500 15,000
John Monnette us 291,000 43,000

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