2017 World Series of Poker

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Event #47: $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em MONSTER STACK
Event #47: $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em MONSTER STACK
Dia 3 Terminado

Day 3 Concludes With Stoyan Obreshkov Leading the Remaining 20 Players

• Nível 30: 50,000-100,000, 15,000 ante
Stoyan Obreshkov
Stoyan Obreshkov

Day 3 of Event #47: $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em MONSTER STACK has come to an end and there are 20 players remaining. On top of the chip counts is Stoyan Obreshkov with 11,300,000.

Obreshkov came into the day with a healthy chip stack at 848,000 and maintained a steady pace throughout the day. In the last level, he picked up aces got involved in a big pot with Brandon Wise. He managed to get Wise to call all in on the river and took down a 6,500,000 chip pot, which vaulted him back into the chip lead. Obreshkov has three cashes this year at the WSOP and is looking to make his first career WSOP final table. His biggest WSOP cash was in 2016 for $13,612 when he finished 36th in the Little One for One Drop.

Stanley Lee sits in second with 8,980,000 and looks to make yet another final table where the first-place prize is over a million dollars. He finished in ninth place in the Millionaire Maker in 2016 for $96,091 for a close call. He seems to do well in these large fields, as he finished in 24th place ($45,275) in 2015 and booked a 39th place ($28,160) cash this year in the Millionaire Maker. He is already guaranteed $37,831 with 20 players coming back Wednesday, but he is most definitely going to be hunting for that elusive gold WSOP bracelet.

Romania's Joldis Cosmin rounds out the top three stacks with 7,935,000 and looks to book his first-ever tournament win. He made a deep run in the WSOP Main Event last year, finishing in 85th place for $67,855 for his best cash. With a top three stack, Joldis has a good shot at topping that cash and possibly logging a major win.

Other notables still in contention for the first-place payout of $1,094,349 are Scott Montgomery (7,335,000), Will "The Thrill" Failla (5,400,000), Yuliyan Kolev (4,195,000), two-time WSOP bracelet winner Brian Yoon (3,900,000), Ihar Soika (3,525,000), Maurice Hawkins (3,500,000) and Scott Baumstein (1,955,000).

The day started with 234 players and that number shrunk quickly. The action slowed down a bit as the day progressed and with 20 players returning for the final day on Wednesday, it should be a tough grind. A total of ten levels were played today that lasted just under 12 hours.

Some big names that exited the tournament on Day 3 include Ole Schemion (206th place - $6,202), Ismael Bojang (184th place - $6,202), Yevgeniy Timoshenko (177th place - $6,202), Mark Radoja (134th place - $7,164), Men Nguyen (124th place - $7,164), TJ Cloutier (70th place - $13,849), Paul Volpe (56th - $16,665) and Joe McKeehen (26th place - $37,831). Everyone that was lucky enough to find a bag at the end of the night will be guaranteed to take home at least $37,831.

The final day, where play will end once a champion is crowned, will commence Wednesday at 11 AM local time. Blinds will be at 60,000/120,000 with a 15,000 ante and each level remains 60 minutes long. Players will have a 15-minute break every two levels and a 60-minute dinner break after the sixth level of the day.

Day 4 Seat Assignments

RoomTableSeatPlayerCountryChip CountBig Blinds
Brasilia12Salvatore DiCarloUnited States6,460,00054
Brasilia13Scott BaumsteinUnited States1,955,00016
Brasilia14Maurice HawkinsUnited States3,500,00029
Brasilia15Thomas RyanUnited States5,900,00049
Brasilia16Ihar SoikaBelarus3,525,00029
Brasilia17David BrentUnited States1,370,00011
Brasilia18Gregory MillironUnited States6,550,00055
Brasilia21Scott MontgomeryCanada7,335,00061
Brasilia22Yuliyan KolevBulgaria4,195,00035
Brasilia23Richard MaUnited States1,485,00012
Brasilia24Stoyan ObreshkovBulgaria11,300,00094
Brasilia25Daniel EichhornUnited States4,245,00035
Brasilia26Joldis CosminRomania7,935,00066
Brasilia27William GibbonsUnited States5,580,00047
Brasilia31Pfizer JordanUnited States7,825,00065
Brasilia33Donald MaloneyUnited States2,300,00019
Brasilia35Ryan McknightUnited States1,310,00011
Brasilia37Brian YoonUnited States3,900,00033
Brasilia38Will FaillaUnited States5,400,00045
Brasilia39Stanley LeeUnited States8,980,00075

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End-of-Day Chip Counts (Completo)

• Nível 30: 50,000-100,000, 15,000 ante
Stoyan Obreshkov bg 11,300,000 15,000
Stanley Lee us 8,980,000 105,000
Joldis Cosmin RO 7,935,000 465,000
Pfizer Jordan us 7,825,000 3,685,000
Scott Montgomery ca 7,335,000 -825,000
Gregory Milliron us 6,550,000 -450,000
Salvatore DiCarlo us 6,460,000 1,910,000
Thomas Ryan us 5,700,000 500,000
Paul Gibbons gb 5,580,000
Will Failla us 5,400,000 175,000
Daniel Eichhorn us 4,245,000 645,000
Yuliyan Kolev bg 4,195,000 -330,000
Brian Yoon us 3,900,000 1,150,000
Ihar Soika by 3,525,000 1,285,000
Maurice Hawkins us 3,500,000 1,340,000
Donald Maloney us 2,300,000 850,000
Scott Baumstein us 1,955,000 -1,795,000
Richard Ma cn 1,485,000 -365,000
David Brent US 1,370,000 -1,130,000
Ryan Mcknight us 1,310,000 -1,830,000

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Stanley Lee With the Super Hero Double Knockout

• Nível 30: 50,000-100,000, 15,000 ante
Stanley Lee
Stanley Lee

Stanley Lee opened from the cutoff and was re-raised all in by Joe McKeehen for roughly 1,525,000. John Bonadies re-shoved for about 1,850,000, and Lee snap-called, having both players covered.

Lee: {k-Clubs}{k-Spades}
McKeehen: {a-Diamonds}{9-Diamonds}
Bonadies: {9-Hearts}{9-Spades}

The board ran out {10-Spades}{10-Clubs}{8-Diamonds}{4-Hearts}{7-Hearts}, and Lee held on with his pocket kings to eliminate two strong players and vault his stack up the leaderboard.

Stanley Lee us 8,875,000 4,525,000
Joe McKeehen us Eliminado
John Bonadies GB Eliminado

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Final Three Tables: Stoyan Obreshkov Has a Monster Stack (Completo)

• Nível 30: 50,000-100,000, 15,000 ante
Stoyan Obreshkov
Stoyan Obreshkov

With a couple of quick eliminations, the field is down to the final 26. Stoyan Obreshkov leads the way with a whopping 11,285,000.

Here is a look at how everyone stacks up:

TableSeatPlayer NameCountryChip Count
Miranda 6291Pfizer JordanUnited States4,140,000
Miranda 6292Salvatore DiCarloUnited States4,550,000
Miranda 6293Scott BaumsteinUnited States3,750,000
Miranda 6294Maurice HawkinsUnited States2,160,000
Miranda 6295Thomas RyanUnited States5,200,000
Miranda 6296Ihar SoikaBelarus2,240,000
Miranda 6297David BrentUnited States2,500000
Miranda 6298Gregory MillironUnited States7,000,000
Miranda 6299Adrian MorenoUnited States2,200,000
Miranda 6371Empty--
Miranda 6372Joe McKeehenUnited States1,525,000
Miranda 6373Donald MaloneyUnited States1,450,000
Miranda 6374John BonadiesUnited Kingdom1,855,000
Miranda 6375Ryan McknightUnited States3,140,000
Miranda 6376Peter VitantonioUnited States1,600,000
Miranda 6377Brian YoonUnited States2,750,000
Miranda 6378Will FaillaUnited States5,225,000
Miranda 6379Stanley LeeUnited States4,350,000
Miranda 6381Scott MontgomeryCanada8,160,000
Miranda 6382Yuliyan KolevBulgaria4,525,000
Miranda 6383Richard MaUnited States1,850,000
Miranda 6384Stoyan ObreshkovBulgaria11,825,000
Miranda 6385Daniel EichhornUnited States3,600,000
Miranda 6386Joldis CosminRomania7,470,000
Miranda 6387Paul GibbonsUnited States2,775,000
Miranda 6388Saya OnoUnited States1,700,000
Miranda 6389Alessandro EspositoItaly3,000,000
Stoyan Obreshkov bg 11,285,000 10,000
Scott Montgomery ca 8,160,000 160,000
Joldis Cosmin RO 7,470,000 1,255,000
Gregory Milliron us 7,000,000 4,200,000
Will Failla us 5,225,000 15,000
Thomas Ryan us 5,200,000 200,000
Salvatore DiCarlo us 4,550,000 1,950,000
Yuliyan Kolev bg 4,525,000 -875,000
Stanley Lee us 4,350,000 2,450,000
Pfizer Jordan us 4,140,000 890,000
Scott Baumstein us 3,750,000 350,000
Daniel Eichhorn us 3,600,000 -100,000
Ryan Mcknight us 3,140,000 1,740,000
Alessandro Esposito IT 3,000,000 275,000
Paul Gibbons gb 2,775,000 -225,000
Brian Yoon us 2,750,000 180,000
David Brent US 2,500,000 900,000
Ihar Soika by 2,240,000 -460,000
Adrian Moreno us 2,200,000 25,000
Maurice Hawkins us 2,160,000 -810,000
John Bonadies GB 1,855,000 -745,000
Richard Ma cn 1,850,000 225,000
Saya Ono us 1,700,000 -2,450,000
Peter Vitantonio us 1,600,000 -680,000
Joe McKeehen us 1,525,000 -775,000

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Obreshkov Slow-Plays Aces and Gets Paid

• Nível 30: 50,000-100,000, 15,000 ante
Stoyan Obreshkov
Stoyan Obreshkov

Stoyan Obreshkov was under the gun and raised to 210,000. Brandon Wise was on the button and three-bet to 575,000. After pondering for a bit, Obreshkov called.

The flop was {k-Hearts}{10-Clubs}{5-Clubs}, and Obreshkov check-called Wise's bet of 575,000. The turn was the {4-Spades}, and both players checked to the river, which was the {k-Spades}. Obreshkov moved all in, covering Wise's remaining stack. Wise took several minutes to think and then elected to call.

Obreshkov tabled {a-Hearts}{a-Clubs}, and Wise sent his cards straight into the muck. Players at the table inquired on what Wise had, and he told them he had jacks. This leaves us with 27 players remaining, and a redraw is about to take place.

Stoyan Obreshkov bg 11,275,000 3,275,000
Brandon Wise US Eliminado

Thomas Ryan Won't Let Go of the Ladies

• Nível 30: 50,000-100,000, 15,000 ante

There was about 1,000,000 in the pot already as the board showed {6-}{3-}{3-}{6-}{3-}. Joldis Cosmin was in the big blind, and checked to Thomas Ryan on the button. Ryan bet 500,000, and Cosmin check-raised all in. Ryan had two million behind and said, "I didn't think you'd check back a six." Eventually, he called.

Cosmin table {k-Hearts}{10-Spades} to play the board, and Ryan had {q-Spades}{q-Diamonds} for a bigger full house to double through.

Joldis Cosmin RO 6,215,000 -285,000
Thomas Ryan us 5,000,000 2,100,000

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Alexander Farahi Loses a Flip to Bust

• Nível 30: 50,000-100,000, 15,000 ante

Alexander Farahi got his last chips into the middle with ace-king off-suit and was called by Salvatore DiCarlo with two queens. We saw Farahi heading to the payout desk, and according to one of the photographers, the board ran out dry for Farahi, and he was eliminated.

Farahi just booked his fourth cash of the series in this event, but most impressively, he went deep in yet another event with a seven-figure top prize, coming in third in the Millionaire Maker for over $560,000.

Alexander Farahi us Eliminado

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Yoon Puts a Dent in Obreshkov's Stack

• Nível 30: 50,000-100,000, 15,000 ante

Stoyan Obreshkov was in the hijack and raised to 210,000. Brian Yoon was in the small blind and moved all in for 1,195,000, Obreshkov called.

Yoon: {a-Spades}{k-Diamonds}
Obreshkov: {10-Hearts}{10-Clubs}

The board ran out {4-Clubs}{8-Diamonds}{6-Spades}{8-Hearts}{k-Hearts}, and the rivered king kept Yoon in the mix.

Stoyan Obreshkov bg 8,000,000 1,200,000
Brian Yoon us 2,570,000 1,520,000

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Last Level of the Night

• Nível 30: 50,000-100,000, 15,000 ante

The final level of the day has just begun. The 29 remaining players will battle for one more hour before bagging and tagging for the fourth and final day tomorrow.