Event #36: $5,000 No-Limit Hold'em 6-Handed

Chris Hunichen Eliminated in 2nd Place ($358,677)

will_shill • Nível 30: 50,000-100,000, 15,000 ante
Chris Hunichen all in

Hand #114: Chris Hunichen raised to 225,000 and Nadar Kakhmazov called.

The flop was {6-Hearts}{10-Hearts}{q-Diamonds} and Kakhmazov check-raised a bet of 225,000 from Hunichen to 650,000. Hunichen called.

The turn was the {10-Clubs}. Kakhmazov checked and Hunichen bet 975,000. Kakhmazov moved all in for 8,990,000 and Hunichen asked for a count.

"Why you want count?" said Kakhmazov. "I have more than you."

"Want to know what I have?" continued Kakhmazov. "You will know in 30 minutes."

"Or right now," replied Hunichen, who had 2,690,000 behind.

"Right now is better," said Kakhmazov. "If you fold and show, I will show you."

Eventually, Hunichen called.

Hunichen: {q-Clubs}{2-Clubs}
Kakhmazov: {q-Hearts}{7-Hearts}

The river was the {6-Spades} and, after the floor briefly announced that it was a chop pot, they soon realised that Kakhmazov's {7-Hearts} played, which meant Hunichen was eliminated in second place for $358,677.

Jogador Fichas Progresso
Nadar Kakhmazov ru
Nadar Kakhmazov
ru 14,350,000 4,550,000
Chris Hunichen us
Chris Hunichen
us Eliminado

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