2017 World Series of Poker

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Event #18: $565 Pot-Limit Omaha
Event #18: $565 Pot-Limit Omaha
Dia 2 Terminado

Jessie Bryant Tops Day 2 of Event #18: $565 PLO

• Nível 27: 25,000-50,000, 0 ante
Jessie Bryant -  Chip Leader
Jessie Bryant - Chip Leader

Jessie Bryant finished as the chip leader at the end of Day 2 with the official final table of nine set right at the end of play. Bryant eliminated an opponent toward the end of Level 6 when his aces held versus a straight draw and he used those chips relentlessly to pound on his opponents and finish top of the heap going into the final day.

The $565 Pot-Limit Omaha event resumed in the Amazon Room at 2 p.m. with 107 players returning to do battle for 10 hour-long levels after Friday's two Day 1 flights saw a combined total of 3,332 entries set a new record for the largest live PLO tournament.

The longer levels on Day 2 did allow for a bit more room for maneuvering, but the eliminations flowed at a steady pace for the first six levels of the day.

Among the early fallers were Chris Ferguson, Dermot Blain, Erick Lindgren and Will Failla.

Jason Mercier kept his head above water for a long while and found a double up in Level 22 when he flopped a flush against Ankush Mandavia, but he eventually fell in the next level to Mark Radoja who rivered an ace high flush which saw Mercier call a river bet and muck. Mercier took home $6,214 for 31st place.

Thi Ngo was playing only her second PLO tournament and made a remarkable run, finishing 24th for $7,443. Ngo admitted that in her first PLO tournament, to her embarrassment, her table had spotted her googling how to play. It seems unlikely this will be her last shot at the four-card game.

Runaway chip leader at the start of Day 2, Cody Slaubaugh, lasted until just before the dinner break when he was eliminated in the 23rd spot taking home $7,443. It just wasn’t to be for Slaubaugh today after his amazing run yesterday.

One of the biggest names who had navigated his way through the huge field was two-time bracelet winner JC Tran. However, he was eliminated in 19th place for $7,443 when his flopped set of sevens was beaten on the turn by a John Dallaire flush and the board failed to pair on the river.

Joe “The Elegance” Beevers, one of the legends of the U.K poker scene, just failed to make a final table appearance when he fell in 14th place, making this his 19th WSOP cash of a remarkable poker career.

Play will resume Sunday when the final nine will play down to a winner who will get that fabled gold WSOP bracelet and $224,344.

Be sure to follow all the hand-for-hand updates brought to you by the Live Reporting team at PokerNews.

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Official Final Table Chip Counts

[user339870] • Nível 27: 25,000-50,000, 0 ante
RoomTableSeatPlayerCountryChip Count
Brasilia11Ryan WinceUnited States1,610,000
Brasilia12Marek OhniskoCzech Republic1,340,000
Brasilia13John DallaireUnited States1,210,000
Brasilia14Tyler SmithUnited States1,335,000
Brasilia15Jessie BryantUnited States3,245,000
Brasilia16Scott DaviesCanada1,765,000
Brasilia17Yves KupfermunzBelgium1,745,000
Brasilia18Jason StockfishUnited States1,680,000
Brasilia19Igor SharaskinRussia2,010,000
Jessie Bryant us 3,245,000 -55,000
Igor Sharaskin ru 2,010,000 960,000
Scott Davies us 1,765,000 -335,000
Yves Kupfermunz be 1,745,000 -155,000
Jason Stockfish us 1,650,000 -70,000
Ryan Wince us 1,610,000 60,000
Marek Ohnisko cz 1,340,000 -310,000
Tyler Smith us 1,335,000 860,000
John Dallaire US 1,210,000 -1,290,000

Rick Alvarado Eliminated in 10th Place ($14,960)

[user339870] • Nível 27: 25,000-50,000, 0 ante
Rick Alvarado
Rick Alvarado

Rick Alvarado got all his chips in the middle against Marek Ohnisko on a flop of {9-Diamonds}{8-Diamonds}{7-Clubs}.

Alvarado: {K-Diamonds}{K-}{Q-Spades}{2-Diamonds}
Ohnisko: {K-Clubs}{Q-Diamonds}{J-Spades}{10-}

Alavarado had a diamond flush draw and a pair of kings, but was up against Ohnisko's flopped nut straight and needed to improve in order to preserve his tournament life. However, neither the turn nor river was any help to Alvarado and he was eliminated.

Rick Alvarado us Eliminado

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Rick Alvarado Finds Aces to Double

• Nível 27: 25,000-50,000, 0 ante

Rick Alvarado was short stacked and got the last of his 300,000 chips in the middle from early position.

No one wanted to dance until it got to Yves Kupfermunz in the big blind who gave him a spin.

Rick Alvarado had found the aces as he showed {a-Hearts}{a-Diamonds}{4-Spades}{4-Hearts}.

Yves Kupfermunz tabled {j-Clubs}{10-Clubs}{10-Spades}{6-Spades}.

The flop of {8-Clubs}{6-Hearts}{6-Diamonds} was pretty devastating to Alvarado’s chances and the turn {j-Spades} saw him stand up. The river {a-Clubs} though rode to the rescue to keep him in the game.

Yves Kupfermunz be 1,900,000 500,000
Rick Alvarado us 600,000 140,000

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Unofficial Final Table Seat Draw

[user339870] • Nível 27: 25,000-50,000, 0 ante

With only 10 players remaining, the unofficial final table has been reached. The seat draw is as follows:

1Ryan Wince 
2Marek Ohnisko 
3John Dallaire 
4Tyler Smith 
5Jessie Bryant 
6Scott Davies 
7Yves Kupfermunz 
8Jason Stockfish 
9Igor Sharaskin 
10Rick Alvarado 

Wing Wong Eliminated in 11th Place ($14,960)

• Nível 27: 25,000-50,000, 0 ante
Wing Wong - 11th Place
Wing Wong - 11th Place

Wing Wong opened the action and John Dallaire called.

The flop was {5-Hearts}{k-Spades}{k-Diamonds} and when Dallaire bet he got the rest of his chips in against the at risk Wong.

Wing Wong: {k-Hearts}{j-Hearts}{10-Hearts}{9-Diamonds}
John Dallaire: {q-Hearts}{q-Diamonds}{7-Hearts}{6-Clubs}

“I was hoping you didn’t have a king.” said Dallaire as Wong was staring at a vital double up.

The Turn card {a-Diamonds} changed nothing but the {q-Hearts} river gave Dallaire a full house and crushed Wongs hopes, sending him home short of the unofficial final table of 10.

John Dallaire US 2,500,000 1,500,000
Wing Wong US Eliminado

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Jason Stockfish Doubles Through Marek Ohnisko

[user339870] • Nível 27: 25,000-50,000, 0 ante
Jason Stockfish
Jason Stockfish

Jason Stockfish got his stack in before the flop against Marek Ohnisko, who had him covered by a fair margin.

Stockfish: {A-Clubs}{A-Diamonds}{10-Clubs}{2-Diamonds}
Ohnisko: {A-Spades}{K-Spades}{Q-Hearts}{J-Hearts}

Stockfish had the preflop advantage, and the {6-Diamonds}{4-Clubs}{2-Spades}{6-Hearts}{2-Clubs} board was no help to Ohnisko so Stockfish took the pot to double up.

Jason Stockfish us 1,720,000 220,000
Marek Ohnisko cz 1,650,000 1,407,000

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Igor Sharaskin Doubles Through Ryan Wince

[user339870] • Nível 27: 25,000-50,000, 0 ante
Igor Sharaskin
Igor Sharaskin

Igor Sharaskin got all his chips in the pot before the flop against Ryan Wince, who had the larger of the two stacks by a fair margin.

Sharaskin: {Q-Hearts}{Q-Spades}{9-Hearts}{9-Spades}
Wince: {K-Diamonds}{K-Spades}{Q-Clubs}{5-Spades}

Wince had the preflop advantage and Sharaskin needed help from the deck in order to double up. The board ran out {10-Diamonds}{2-Spades}{2-Hearts}{9-Clubs}{J-Spades} to give Sharaskin nines full of deuces to win the pot.

Ryan Wince us 1,550,000 -330,000
Igor Sharaskin ru 1,050,000 440,000

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