2017 World Series of Poker

Event #18: $565 Pot-Limit Omaha
Dias: 1b

Adam Owen Rides Multiple Double KOs to Chip Lead for Day 1b

Nível 18 : 3,000-6,000, 0 ante
Adam Owen
Adam Owen

Adam Owen bagged the chip lead for Day 1b of Event #18: $565 Pot-Limit Omaha with 410,000. Owen will lead the way for 45 other players when they start Day 2 tomorrow at 2 p.m. tomorrow.

Day 1a drew 1,711 players and 1b drew 1,479 and 107 total players will return for Day 2.

This year's event saw 707 more entries that last year. Of course this year's field was bolstered by the second flight, but it still leaves the "PLO-lossus" as the biggest live PLO tournament in the world. The defending champion Ryan Laplante failed to bag, so there will be a new champion in this event.

Kyle Bowker, Dylan Linde, Mike Dentale, Felipe Ramos, Nacho Barbero, and the newest three-time WSOP bracelet winner Frank Kassela could not make Day 2.

Some old school faces managed to find a bag, with Chris Ferguson and Erick Lindgren each bagging in Day 1b. JC Tran (147,000) doubled up two times late and also bagged for Day 2 in search of his third WSOP bracelet.

Avi Lam, Tomas Gelezuinas, Rep Porter and Darren Taylor round out the top five stacks from Day 1b. Porter had an early move to Jason Mercier's (272,000) and spent the early part of the day holding a shorter stack, before exploding late and competing for the chip lead. Mercier managed to jump way in front early, hitting the 100,000 mark early in the day.

The players return tomorrow at 2 p.m. to take their shot at the second-ever $565 PLO bracelet at the WSOP.

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Day 2 Seat Draw

RoomTableSeatPlayerCountryChip Count
Brasilia7151Danny SchultzGermany96,000
Brasilia7152Eric DoerrUnited States136,000
Brasilia7153Jason StockfishUnited States224,000
Brasilia7154Joshua ReichardUnited States270,000
Brasilia7155Rene HochmuthGermany75,500
Brasilia7156Filippos StavrakisUnited States165,000
Brasilia7157Igor SharaskinRussian Federation173,000
Brasilia7158Hassan TahsildarUnited States425,000
Brasilia7159Thomas ZanotUnited States52,000
Brasilia7161Maxx ColemanUnited States238,000
Brasilia7162Jeff SluzinskiUnited States122,000
Brasilia7163Erick LindgrenUnited States99,000
Brasilia7164Ankush MandaviaUnited States299,000
Brasilia7165Michel LeibgorinFrance222,000
Brasilia7166Yashuo ChinUnited States222,000
Brasilia7167Andre NyffelerUnited States85,000
Brasilia7168Ryan WinceUnited States180,000
Brasilia7171Nicholas SeikenUnited States126,000
Brasilia7172Kevin PionkowskiUnited States77,000
Brasilia7173James RayUnited States135,000
Brasilia7174Hunter CichyUnited States133,000
Brasilia7175Douglas SpicerUnited States50,000
Brasilia7176Martin KozlovAustralia153,000
Brasilia7177Brent RobertsUnited States93,000
Brasilia7178Chris FergusonUnited States96,000
Brasilia7179Paresh DoshiUnited States42,000
Brasilia7181Pierce MckellarUnited States200,000
Brasilia7182Lee WatkinsonUnited States46,000
Brasilia7183Yves KupfermunzBelgium136,000
Brasilia7184A-Vi LamCanada309,000
Brasilia7185Bariz SudhanshuUnited States43,000
Brasilia7186Cody SlaubaughUnited States726,000
Brasilia7187Kevin NapadowUnited States96,000
Brasilia7188Shady BadranUnited States159,000
Brasilia7189Dien LeUnited States64,000
Brasilia7191Jae LimUnited States28,000
Brasilia7192Rep PorterUnited States337,000
Brasilia7193James ChenUnited States116,000
Brasilia7194Juan TejedaUnited States181,000
Brasilia7195Joey IngramUnited States40,000
Brasilia7196Riley FullerUnited States42,000
Brasilia7197Wing WongUnited States106,000
Brasilia7198Nathan GambleUnited States180,000
Brasilia7199Dermot BlainIreland44,000
Brasilia7201Andreas KrauseGermany33,000
Brasilia7202John DallaireUnited States231,000
Brasilia7203Matthew ColvinUnited States31,000
Brasilia7204Shiva DudaniUnited States55,000
Brasilia7205Frank BonacciUnited States86,000
Brasilia7206Andrew WhitakerUnited States183,000
Brasilia7207Adam GoldbergUnited States76,000
Brasilia7208Patrick RuthUnited States68,000
Brasilia7209Scott DaviesUnited States110,000
Brasilia7211Marek OhniskoCzech Republic243,000
Brasilia7212Robert WestUnited States187,000
Brasilia7213Darius TamuleviciusLithuania142,000
Brasilia7214Victa ParkUnited States248,000
Brasilia7215Ruslan DykshteynUnited States277,000
Brasilia7216Joe BeeversUnited Kingdom168,000
Brasilia7217Mark DavisIreland143,000
Brasilia7218Jason MercierUnited States272,000
Brasilia7219Will FaillaUnited States111,000
Brasilia7221Renier GonzalezUnited States97,000
Brasilia7222Jessie BryantUnited States167,000
Brasilia7223Brock ParkerUnited States125,000
Brasilia7224Andrew BarberUnited States63,000
Brasilia7225Jonathan ZarinUnited States143,000
Brasilia7226Jim HademenosUnited States290,000
Brasilia7227Matt RepinskiUnited States130,000
Brasilia7228Daniel PearlmanUnited States60,000
Brasilia7229Lars NickolaiGermany160,000
Brasilia7231Ronald GesmundoCanada220,000
Brasilia7232Adam OwenUnited Kingdom410,000
Brasilia7233Senovio Ramirez IIIUnited States56,000
Brasilia7234Santiago TorresSpain66,000
Brasilia7235Alexander PetersonUnited States57,000
Brasilia7236Daniel HarmetzUnited States150,000
Brasilia7237Christopher PhoelUnited States31,000
Brasilia7238Thi NgoCanada190,000
Brasilia7239Joseph SandersUnited States154,000
Brasilia7241Sean LegendreUnited States61,000
Brasilia7242Tomas GeleziunasLithuania368,000
Brasilia7243Tyler CoatesUnited States76,000
Brasilia7244Eric FroehlichUnited States242,000
Brasilia7245Mark RadojaCanada109,000
Brasilia7246JC TranUnited States147,000
Brasilia7247Jie GaoCanada59,000
Brasilia7248Andrew BulliardUnited States147,000
Brasilia7249Richard EllermanUnited States23,000
Brasilia7261Foster HearnUnited States162,000
Brasilia7262Jeffrey TrudeauUnited States218,000
Brasilia7263Adam SwanUnited States92,000
Brasilia7264Eli LoewenthalUnited States148,000
Brasilia7265Marco PalaciosUnited States113,000
Brasilia7266Tyler SmithUnited States171,000
Brasilia7267Thai TranUnited States66,000
Brasilia7268Alan SternbergUnited States112,000
Brasilia7269Daniel RuizUnited States117,000
Brasilia7271Steven LoneyUnited States78,000
Brasilia7272Darren TaylorUnited Kingdom323,000
Brasilia7273Ricardo AlvaradoUnited States269,000
Brasilia7274Lucas FordAustralia78,000
Brasilia7275Ryan D'AngeloUnited States216,000
Brasilia7276Timothy WoodsonUnited States72,000
Brasilia7277Florian StrasserAustria33,000
Brasilia7278David DiiorioUnited States133,000
Brasilia7279Kyle MontgomeryUnited States233,000
Jogador Fichas Progresso
Adam Owen gb
Adam Owen
Avi Lam ca
Avi Lam
389,000 389,000
Tomas Geleziunas ch
Tomas Geleziunas
Rep Porter us
Rep Porter
332,000 -5,000
Darren Taylor us
Darren Taylor

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