Event #42: $1,500 Razz

Ruben Wins Big Battle of Kings

MikePatrick • Nível 32
Bradley Ruben

Despite both players showing kings on third street, that didn't stop them from playing a big pot that has seen Bradley Ruben regain a sizeable chip lead after Charles Sinn had crept within two-to-one.

Betting alternated on each street with Ruben leading fourth, then Sinn betting his advantage on fifth, before Ruben took over the lead again on sixth then also bet seventh, which Sinn called.

Charles Sinn: {x-}{x-}/{k-}{8-}{9-}{8-}/{x-}
Bradley Ruben: {x-}{x-}/{k-}{6-}{q-}{7-}/{x-}

Once the cards were revealed, Ruben declared, "I got it", showing {9-}{5-}{3-} in the hole to make {9-}{7-}{6-}{5-}{3-}, which Sinn couldn't beat given his board.

Jogador Fichas Progresso
Bradley Ruben us
Bradley Ruben
us 6,200,000 625,000
Charles Sinn us
Charles Sinn
us 1,500,000 -700,000

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