2021 World Series of Poker

Event #36: $10,000 Dealer's Choice Championship
Dias: 3

Fuchs Scoops Schwartz to Stay Alive

Nível 21
Carol Fuchs
Carol Fuchs


Carol Fuchs pushed her remaining chips into the middle and drew one card in the final draw against Jake Schwartz who called and stood pat.

The final card was a great one for Fuchs as she tabled {9-Spades}{7-Hearts}{5-Diamonds}{3-Clubs}/{8-Clubs} for a nine-eight low and nine-seven-five-three Badugi and scooped the pot.

With that hand Fuchs now has new life as she chipped up to 500,000 chips.

Jogador Fichas Progresso
Jake Schwartz us
Jake Schwartz
1,080,000 -420,000
Day 2 Chip Leader
Carol Fuchs us
Carol Fuchs
500,000 220,000
WSOP 1X Winner

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