Event #35: $500 Freezeout No-Limit Hold'em

"Such A Cooler"

• Nível 33: 150,000-300,000, 300,000 ante

Jacob Rich went all in under the-gun for slightly less than 2,000,000 and in middle position Denys Chufarin asked for a count. He then went all in for 8,300,000 and the action folded around.

Jacob Rich: {k-Clubs}{k-Hearts}
Denys Chufarin: {4-Spades}{4-Diamonds}

"Such a cooler," Chufarin joked as the board ran out {j-Diamonds}{j-Spades}{3-Clubs}{2-Spades}{2-Hearts}, giving Rich the full double.

Jogador Fichas Progresso
Denys Chufarin ua
Denys Chufarin
ua 6,100,000 1,100,000
Jacob Rich us
Jacob Rich
us 4,300,000 2,700,000