Event #31: ¥815 WSOP Zodiac Autumn Festival [Final Day], ¥2,888,888 GTD

Liu Takes it on Flop

Level 26, Blinds: 50,000/100,000 (12,500)

Yannick "ProbierEs" Schumacher raised the middle to 210,000 then called after Yuhan "HansNevrLose" Liu three-bet the cutoff to 620,000. However, when the flop cam {8-Spades}{8-Diamonds}{5-Clubs} Schumacher check-folded to a bet of 491,700.

Jogador Fichas Progresso
Yuhan "HansNevrLose" Liu cn
Yuhan "HansNevrLose" Liu
cn 8,917,558 845,000
Tiago "catukeira" Lessa BR
Tiago "catukeira" Lessa
BR 6,605,033 435,000
Yannick "ProbierEs" Schumacher DE
Yannick "ProbierEs" Schumacher
DE 6,291,771 -855,000
Martin "titan64" Pochat ar
Martin "titan64" Pochat
ar 4,579,150 -75,000
Henry "Coke@Macu" Luo HK
Henry "[email protected]" Luo
HK 3,556,292 -25,000
Ryosuke "KBD05" Kubodera JP
Ryosuke "KBD05" Kubodera
JP 3,205,834 -175,000
Robert "Aerius" Kaggerud no
Robert "Aerius" Kaggerud
no 1,091,190 -125,000
Sota "shishi44" Yamashita jp
Sota "shishi44" Yamashita
jp 720,756 -25,000