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Event #72: $1,500 Limit Hold'em Championship

Carter Swidler Eliminated in 2nd Place ($65,737)

poolshir • Nível 30: 200,000-400,000, 0 ante
Swidler vs Chabra

Carter Swidler raised from the button and Ajay "Ross_Geller" Chabra three-bet. Swidler four-bet for Chabra to make the call.

The flop came {5-Spades}{10-Hearts}{8-Clubs}, Chabra check-raised the bet of Swidler. Swidler three-bet all-in for 531,994 which Chabra called.

Carter Swidler: {2-Spades}{2-Hearts}
Ajay "Ross_Geller" Chabra: {k-Spades}{q-Hearts}

Swidler held a pair of deuces while Chabra had king-high.

The turn was the {q-Diamonds} for Chabra to leap ahead with the pair of queens and those held when the river completed the board with the {5-Clubs} for Chabra to claim his first bracelet, the WSOP Europe package, and $77,475. Swidler finished as the runner-up for $65,737.

A recap is to follow.

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Ajay "Ross_Geller" Chabra US
Ajay "Ross_Geller" Chabra
US 8,425,000 2,331,994
Carter Swidler ca
Carter Swidler
ca Eliminado