2018 World Series of Poker

Event #58: $5,000 No-Limit Hold'em 6-Handed
Dias: 1

Schumacher Racing Ahead

Nível 8 : 300-600, 100 ante

After dropping from starting stack, Terry Schumacher has quintupled his chips in the last couple of hours.

This is in spite of losing a small pot just now, where he opened on the button. Both the blinds called and the dealer put out {2-Hearts}{9-Spades}{6-Hearts}. The blinds checked and Schumacher continued for 1,500. One player called and one player folded, taking them heads up to the turn.

It was an {a-Hearts} and this time the action went check-check. Finally, the {8-Spades} came on the river. Again both players checked and Schumacher folded when he saw he was against {10-Hearts}{8-Diamonds} for a pair of eights.

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Terry Schumacher be
Terry Schumacher
52,500 41,800

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