2019 World Series of Poker Europe

Event #55: $1,000 Tag Team No-Limit Hold'em

Team Wilson Eliminated, 18 Teams Remain

poolshir • Nível 23: 8,000-16,000, 2,000 ante

Team Wilson shoved all in from the cutoff for 118,000 and was called by Team Koo in the big blind.

Team Wilson: {2-Hearts}{2-Diamonds}
Team Koo: {A-Spades}{J-Spades}

The board ran out {j-Diamonds}{q-Spades}{j-Hearts}{6-Spades}{5-Spades} to give Team Koo trip jacks on the flop to eliminate Team Wilson in 19th place.

The 18 remaining teams will now be redrawn to the final two tables and a seat draw will follow.

Contagem de Fichas
Bon Koo - Bienvenido Caballero 1,200,000 240,000
Andrew Wilson - Benjamin Phillips - Eric Penner Eliminado