2018 World Series of Poker

Event #18: $10,000 Dealer's Choice 6-Handed
Dias: 4

Rutter Continues to Build

Nível 31 : 120,000-240,000, 0 ante

No-Limit 2-7 Single Draw

Stuart Rutter raised to 180,000 from the small blind and Adam Friedman called in the big blind.

Rutter drew one, and Friedman drew two.

Both players checked, and Rutter fanned his {Q-}{10-}{6-}{5-}{2-} and Friedman showed a king and mucked.

Jogador Fichas Progresso
Stuart Rutter gb
Stuart Rutter
2,790,000 210,000
Adam Friedman us
Adam Friedman
2,220,000 -200,000
Day 3 Chip Leader
WSOP 5X Winner