2014 World Series of Poker

Event #56: $1,000 No-Limit Hold'em
Dias: 3
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2014 World Series of Poker

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Informações do Nível
60,000 / 120,000

Hands #1-5: Milne Folds Kings

Nível 23 : 10,000/20,000, 3,000 ante

Hand #1: Richard Milne raised to 50,000 and picked up the blinds and antes.

Hand #2: Steve Gross raised to 41,000 and folded after Neo Hoang moved all in.

Hand #3: Viktor Skoldstedt raised to 45,000 and all players, including Jeff Blenkarn, folded their cards. Blenkarn showed {4-Clubs}{2-Spades}.

Hand #4: Mike Kachan raised to 42,000 and folded after Milne made it 110,000 to go.

Hand #5: Hoang raised to 54,000 and Milne three-bet to 130,000. Hoang called and they both checked the {Q-Spades}{4-Clubs}{A-Hearts} flop. On the {7-Diamonds} turn, Hoang bet 125,000 and Milne expressed his frustration with the charming Scottish accent before mucking {K-Diamonds}{K-Hearts}.

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Chip Counts and Seat Assignments for the Final Table (Completo)

Nível 23 : 10,000/20,000, 3,000 ante
SeatPlayerChip Count
1Andrew Egan570,000
2Raymond Henson1,198,000
3Eric Shanks952,000
4Jeff Blenkarn731,000
5Steve Gross1,311,000
6Mike Kachan783,000
7Viktor Skoldstedt660,000
8Neo Hoang338,000
9Richard Milne1,060,000
Jogador Fichas Progresso
Steve Gross us
Steve Gross
1,311,000 -339,000
WSOP 1X Winner
Raymond Henson us
Raymond Henson
1,198,000 301,000
Richard Milne gb
Richard Milne
1,060,000 110,000
Eric Shanks us
Eric Shanks
952,000 -73,000
Mike Kachan us
Mike Kachan
783,000 -57,000
WSOP 1X Winner
Jeff Blenkarn us
Jeff Blenkarn
731,000 1,000
Viktor Skoldstedt se
Viktor Skoldstedt
660,000 65,000
Andrew Egan us
Andrew Egan
570,000 -60,000
Neo Hoang us
Neo Hoang
338,000 -2,000

Matt Salsberg Eliminated in 10th Place ($23,202)

Nível 23 : 10,000/20,000, 3,000 ante
Matt Salsberg
Matt Salsberg

Matt Salsberg opened the action with a raise to 50,000 from early position and got called by Raymond Henson as well as Richard Milne and Andrew Egan in the blinds. On the {6-Diamonds}{10-Spades}{J-Spades} flop, the action folded to Salsberg and he moved all in for 223,000 chips. Henson called and both players in the blinds folded.

Salsberg: {A-Diamonds}{K-Diamonds}
Henson: {10-Clubs}{10-Diamonds}

The TV producer needed a queen to stay alive but the board completed with the {6-Spades} turn and the {8-Spades} river. Salsberg shook hands with his opponents and then left the tournament area.

Jogador Fichas Progresso
Matt Salsberg ca
Matt Salsberg

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Blenkarn Squeeze Play

Nível 23 : 10,000/20,000, 3,000 ante

Richard Milne opened for 48,000 and Eric Shanks called in the small blind. Jeff Blenkarn in the big blind broke out a three-bet to around 150,000 and rested his chin on his arm.

Milne gave him a bit of a study for awhile, but released his hand and Shanks quickly followed suit.

Gross Involved

Nível 23 : 10,000/20,000, 3,000 ante

Steve Gross opened for 41,000 and Viktor Skoldstedt made it 72,000. Gross had a look at how much Skoldstedt was playing and made the call.

The flop was {2-Diamonds}{k-Spades}{4-Clubs} and both players checked. The {9-Diamonds} arrived on the turn and Gross check-called a 70,000 bet from Skoldstedt. The river {8-Diamonds} saw Gross check and another bet from Skoldstedt. this time for 70,000. Gross shuffled his cards about for a bit before folding.

Egan and Hoang Battle

Nível 23 : 10,000/20,000, 3,000 ante

In the last two hands on the secondary table before we got down to ten-handed, Neo Hoang doubled up with {9-Diamonds}{9-Clubs} against the {6-Spades}{6-Diamonds} of Andrew Egan. One hand later, Hoang raised to 60,000 from the button and Egan moved all in for 550,000. Both players exchanged some banter and Hoang eventually let his hand go.

Jogador Fichas Progresso
Andrew Egan us
Andrew Egan
630,000 -165,000
Neo Hoang us
Neo Hoang
340,000 103,000

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