Event #58: $10,000 Main Event

Phil Collins Eliminated in 5th Place ($2,269,599)

• Nível 39: 500,000-1,000,000, 150,000 ante
Phil Collins - 5th place

Hand #100:

Martin Staszko had the button. Pius Heinz raised to 2.1 million under the gun, and the table folded around to the big blind. Phil Collins was the last one to act, and shoved all in for 18.3 million. When it came back around to the German, he took about a minute to make sure, then called with his monster stack to put Collins at risk for his tournament life. Cards up, gents.

Heinz: {9-Clubs} {9-Hearts}
Collins: {A-Diamonds} {7-Diamonds}

Collins needed some help, and the {6-Spades} {5-Clubs} {4-Diamonds} flop was a fine start. He was still behind, but he flopped the open ender to add eight outs to his repertoire.

Turn: {9-Diamonds}

That's quite a turn card, giving Heinz the set but adding even more outs for Collins. His ace was dead now, but he was looking for any three, eight, or diamond to bink another double.

River: {7-Spades}

That's close but no cigar, and it's the end of the road for Collins. He receives a pay bump up over $2 million, a fine consolation prize for a remarkable Main Event run.

As he walked out the door, Collins was serenaded one last time by his cheering section. "Oh, Phil."

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