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Event #58: $10,000 Main Event

Wrong Seat, Sir

• Nível 6: 250-500, 50 ante

Our attention was just drawn over to a situation unfolding at the corner table, Orange 303. Darrell Roberts had won a pot in the four seat, but he had a bit of a problem on his hands. Peter Hotaling came up to the table and announced to Roberts that he was in his seat -- just as he was pulling in a pot of about 8,000 chips. The pink slips were double-checked, and indeed Roberts was in the wrong. His 308-4 looked an awful lot like 303-4, and neither he nor the dealer caught the mistake until it was too late.

It took a couple members of the floor staff and a long conversation to sort out the situation, and it was eventually big Bill Bruce who handled the matter directly. He put the entire pot into a rack, then he reconstructed Hotaling's starting stack by pulling 4,000 chips from the pot to bring him back to 34,650. The rest of the racked chips were handed over to Roberts, and he was sent on his way to the correct seat with his winnings.

That correct seat, incidentally, happens to be on the Main Featured Table with Daniel Negreanu.

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