Event #58: $10,000 Main Event

Karnaos Joins the Club


On a flop of {8-Spades}{8-Clubs}{3-Clubs}, Alexandros Karnaos was all in for 130,000 with {9-Clubs}{5-Clubs} and up against the {9-Diamonds}{9-Hearts} of Chris Bonita. Karnaos was at risk and needed a club or running straight cards to stay alive, with the {6-Hearts} turn making the latter a possibility; however, it'd be the former draw that was filled when the {2-Clubs} river gave Karanaos a winning flush.

Karnaos is up to 400,000 while Bonita took a hit down to 950,000.

Contagem de Fichas
Chris Bonita 950,000 -110,000
Alexandros Karnaos 400,000 -70,000

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